i haven't really said this a lot in public as of late but twitter isn't what it used to be in 2010-2013 and i literally feel zero sense of community when i use it now. weird twitter is dead, everyone who was cool is verified and posts mindnumbing shit now, no one's friends with eachother aside from the cool leftists who only ever talk to eachother, etc etc etc, like i just feel so. alone on that site. even with the 8,000 group DMs, it just feels so lonely

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@firesale every1 is mean 2 eachother

the antisocialness from tumblr creeped it's way there

@firesale it's definitely changed from a place where cool communities are to like, a place where you HAVE to engage and try to be A Thing in order to survive in the modern world

and it fuccin s u c c s

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