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Is Cities Skylines on Switch good. I don’t have a pc and the idea of playing it on the go intrigues

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Breath of the Wild's music is perfect imho. This person took some ambient sounds and put them against them and honestly it's all I can work or read to now.

Why why why do I look at my work phone at night

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@firescotch duck: me listening to quiet jazz on spotify

shark: a loud ad for some kind of hard rock

I just want to see what lenses are best for a camera please don't yell at me and make me wait fifty seconds before you get to the point

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If there’s one thing you can count on at work it’s either a) dead as hell or b) so damn busy you can’t even think.

Guarantee it’s the only person we interviewed because we put way too much emphasis on spotless resumes

New guy at work and I already dont like him.

This looks like it’s already had that zooming motion blur effect on it

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gonna say morning to @firescotch with a classic Garfield before he actually wakes up because I actually live in the future time that is UTC

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