Haha, no, I am too lazy to figure out how to do IP spoofing or whatever that gets around those restrictions.

In an alternate universe MLB.tv management will still black-out in-market games.

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i am apolitical! i dont get involved in politics! it aint my scene! i am a bumbling fucking imbecile! i am so fucking clueless! i am ignorance on legs! and this allows me to discern exactly what it is thats going on here

Made the mistake of watching the New Horizons trailer on my Switch while it was docked to the TV and my god it was gorgeous. March 20th is like, a decade away.

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Remeber when she said something extremely dumb on twitter a few months ago.

I literally did an 8 minute meditation breather before reading this to calm myself down as my anxiety was peaking after a long and shitty day and it worked great but the all-knowing Nickel & Dimed Crank is here to tell you it’s actually bad and can be substituted with three methods that mostly all cost money, something she railed on just pages earlier about the socioeconomic differences of those who can afford to do mindfulness.

Gotta say this Barbara Ehrenreich book sure is fucking garbage

Wish I had a better sense of humor and my brain wasn't a broke piece of turds.

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Poster's Brain is what happens when the part of your brain that should stop you from saying "spongebob dick is not aerodynamic because there are holes in it" doesn't function

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Ok, so, a year ago today I registered radical.town and on 8/24/18 we opened. Send boosts.

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Attack on Titan fans spent years waiting to find out what's in that basement, and when you finally get down there you find out it was antisemitism all along

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Attack On Titan has a unique kind of meta twist where the biggest revelation was that the author is actually a huge piece of shit in real life

Tension headache today…pretty sure I need like, some substantial time off work and to just do nothing for a while.

Should I connect with JB Pritzker on LinkedIn

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