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Don't think I've ever done an post…

I'm Firescotch, a 37 year old cisgender ginger guy from the Chicago area, formerly from Iowa. I talk experience design, fitness (I do olympic lifting & cardio), books, writing, photography, and anticapitalism. And the once-in-a-while shitpost. I can chat up some video game stuff too because I was put in front of one of those things when I was a kid and couldn't stop; Animal Crossing to Wolfenstein.

You ever just pop out a booger so big you breathe better. Anyway hi.

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It's Thanksgiving so you know what that means…a videogame binge until my eyes bleed and gorging on so much food my body has no other option but to shut down.

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If you need proof of the cultural diversity of America, simply look at the fact that Memphis has the best food in the world, yet Cincinnati is only 7 hours away and they eat literal garbage

Lori Lightfoot is actually going to put the burden of fixing the Chicago budget shortfall on the backs of the people and the rich and police get to do business as usual.

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jordan p beterson 

imagine fuckin writing a book called "12 rules for life" and then years later publishing another book called "12 more rules for life", what a fucking grift lmao. if he was that wise his first book would have been called "24 rules for life" wouldn't it. what a fucking piss-taker lmfao.

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I mean, this is baby-brained bullshit. His Blender content is probably fine, even good, but if he's this much of a headass I'd rather support someone else.

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Artist-todon: open to any artist podcasters or whatever who teach stuff who isn't the Blender Guru shithead

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God why did I go back to hellsite. Just vile people.

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so i read the ready player one sequel and most of it isn't that bad however the 150 page segment right in the middle listing every single type of pornography or erotica ernest cline has jacked it to felt a little out of place

I'm looking over the squirrels eating the peanuts I set out for them because I saw a hawk a bit ago. Now my watch begins.

Guess that's a podcast I don't need to listen to to motivate me back into doing art lol.

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lol the Blender Guru guy is a big Jordan Peterson fan and likes his book.

US, thanksgiving 

What you all cooking yourselves for a hopefully quarantined Thanksgiving. I might fuck around with some spaghetti.

Oh and don't forget, both versions of Gulliver and CJ every fucking week. Can't forget those.

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Every villager just says shit like "This day is already fun" or "I hope you're having fun" or whatever and the occasional convo between villagers. It's a bummer man.

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Man Animal Crossing just kind of petered out for me. I start a day briefly just to see the shop selling the same twelve items I get on regular rotation, and whether or not the boat is there to sell me artwork I already have or fakes. And the dialog has not gotten any better.

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Just in case you all were keeping score Glenn Greenwald is now defending TERFs and trying to whip up a hate mob against Chase Strangio for wanting the book (a truly horrific text about why you need to deny your trans kids health care) to be censored.

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