Every villager just says shit like "This day is already fun" or "I hope you're having fun" or whatever and the occasional convo between villagers. It's a bummer man.

@firescotch New Horizons straight up has less content than New Leaf did on the 3DS lol

For all the steps they took towards customization, they took two more steps back content-wise. And even more annoyingly they decided to do a drip-feed DLC thing that worked for Splatoon 1 and 2. Which probably isn't surprising since the same director and producers of those games also worked on prior Animal Crossing titles. But man, this game needs a proper expansion eventually.

@firescotch the infrequency of the art boat visits is totally what killed it for me too :blobcry:

@firescotch dang. I was committed to no time travel at the beginning but i just have no patience for that kind of thing

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