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Resting is good. You don't have to be productive all the time.

Watching the bonus features of Princess Mononoke and 👀

So when a screen reader reads “truthout”, but in the way they write it, does it just say each letter one at a time.

us, just me going on about lots of bad shit 

Runaway pandemic.
Police brutality & murder.
Mass evictions.
Mass unemployment.
Concentration camps.
Privatized healthcare, out of reach for millions.
Impending rush to send students to cramped classrooms in the fall.
An ever-growing neo-nazi movement and other conspiracy tinfoil hats.
Intelligence agencies threatening anti-fascists.
Media class more interested in both-sides profiteering where the "Left" side is the Democrats.

Neil Druckman’s bad opinions 

You know, Saving Private Ryan, that famously challenging obscure film you might’ve seen maybe?

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Neil Druckman’s bad opinions 

“I saw video of a lynching and at first I wanted to kill the murderers but then I felt bad about that.” Examine yourself fuckin priorities dude. If I could yeet murderous bloodthirsty racists with the push of a button I would.

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“Tilda, please poop out back before our walk”
“lol no”
“Tilda, please do not poop in the middle of the street during our walk”
“lol no”

Tech designers are going to go to the grave unable to say that capitalism is the cause of these very problems. It all can be fixed by just being more mindful and taking some ethics courses and "you can change the system from the inside". FOH.

Went to Youtube in incognito mode--so basically as a new user, --and this is the first fucking recommended video underneath the Youtube TV banner ad

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