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I mean, this is baby-brained bullshit. His Blender content is probably fine, even good, but if he's this much of a headass I'd rather support someone else.

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Took Tilda on a walk this morning and got a big blister for it.

This book (pamphlet more like, 60 some pages, w/ graphs & pics) is a bajillion times better and more useful and readable than that Uninhabited Earth trash.

Been at least a few weeks since I did a . This is normally a Live Photo where she’s looking back and forth to the camera and to a treat she’s waiting patiently for but you’ll have to make do with the still.

And of course it's one of those unicorn roles where they want you to do everything, or at best more interface design and front-end development. Broadly speaking none of this is 'UX'.

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Pretty neat that this is buried at the bottom of the article even though Lizza goes on about "the public thinks this is a very big deal!"

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