I thought of taking a break from Monster Hunter since I've already logged 1/3 of the hours in it that I have in World, but no I played some more. What can you do.

This is less than "should've been an email", this is "hey dude maybe you could've figured this shit out yourself".

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Going to fight this guy who scheduled an hour meeting into my blockoff time that I apparently "have to attend if at all possible"

I have no idea what this soccer business is all about

@triumph_forks dumb question but can we be best friends here so I can dig, I actually need the whole plant

@triumph_forks lol, I just fired it up, got done binging Rise all morning

I may never stop playing Monster Hunter it has consumed me

@triumph_forks I’ll be back on tomorrow for sure, MH Rise has been my life

The IBS got me and now I’ve GERD or something. Onions wreak havoc.

@triumph_forks I just need one, all my oranges aren’t yielding one. I’m trying a different pattern for now to see if that helps up the odds

Animal Crossing determined to not give me a damn purple tulip

I’m not watching the Adam Toledo video. I don’t need to.

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If I were the weather I would simply be nice all the time.

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the term CC in email chains goes back to when notes were passed around a physical office by a 'cock crusher'. they would whack a man in the genitals to get their attention for the message

It's not just me right, these people are almost universally the scum of the earth, "boo hoo they have hard quotas to meet" but can't even bother to send back a bullshit "we haven't heard anything back from the company yet" email. Whole system is fucked, and I'm someone who already has a job, I can't imagine the people who have to deal with this shit while unemployed. The recruiter and HR combo, some of the most viciously scummy people alive.

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Thinking those "I want to choke out a job recruiter" thoughts

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