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Yes I know the writing is mostly bad but it’s a fun harmless thing. I’m doing it, join me.

Chicago style, strong
New york style, wrong

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I'm a binch
I'm a lubber
Robin Williams
Was in flubber

Good easily available shooters (shmups if you must) that aren't bullet hells

My good morning toots are all I got anymore. We’ll see if no tweet November increases my tooting

No I will not drive to Evanston to have an offsite meeting afterhours that will take twenty minutes tops

40 minutes later, finally upgraded to the exam room. At this rate I’ll be back home tomorrow

Been at the psychiatrist office for an appointment that was supposed to start twenty minutes ago

Ugnghhgghgghgghhghhhhh fuckin just give me a bed to crash on

One of those days I don’t really wanna do shit

Everything aches and I think I’m starting to feel age

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