ok the argument that twitter can read dms as well doesn’t fly - as far as twitter is concerned dms being kept private is a key part of their business model - for mastodon rando admins it is not - mastodon (whoever that is) needs to fix it/change it otherwise it is not going to work - you cannot “sell” non private dms to people on twitter and expect them to come over - do not toot me

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@firstdogonthemoon Not trolling here, but do you consider this an issue for email too? Any time you email someone the admins of your email provider and the recipient’s email provider can read them. But they generally don’t.

@damonism yes but that is one individual organisation - like say optus - and it is not in their commercial interest to abuse that trust - of course I don’t think they should be able to anyway - but if you were going to build an “ideal” social network why wouldn’t you do that anyway?

@firstdogonthemoon True, but you could be emailing someone who has an account on a server run by Optus, or stashed under their mate’s bed, or run by Hillary Clinton. You can’t control that side of the conversation or what happens with a message once you send it out. Personally I don’t send super secret stuff in DMs – nothing that would get me fired, anyway. But I also don’t send that sort of thing by email either (or wouldn’t, assuming I had the need to so do). So it doesn’t bother me too much.

@firstdogonthemoon Not saying your concerns aren’t legitimate – I’m sure there are people thinking how to fix that (or at least I hope there are). Just that a lot of people won’t necessarily consider that a deal breaker. Personally, I don’t.

@firstdogonthemoon mastodon isn’t a who, it’s a what. It’s an open source platform, anyone with skills in ruby and node:js can contribute and “fix” these issues.

The problem is people want it to be twitter, it’s not. It’s more like a public bulletin board.

As for admins reading dm’s, sure it’s possible, but your email provider/admin can read your emails too. Do they? Probably not. Admins have better things to do with their time.
If secure messaging is what you want, use signal.

@dadegroot hmmmm yes i want it to be twitter. but clearly it isn’t. so then can it “replace” twitter? because i don’t want to use both. interesting times

@firstdogonthemoon Well I embraced it, "flaws" and all, and haven't used twitter in over a year now. Ultimately, it's a personal decision as no social media platform is perfect.

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