and why do any admins need to read people’s dms anyway? that’s really basic - if you’re building a social network that replaces the shit ones - surely that is one of the first things you would build into it

@firstdogonthemoon because the DMs are stored on their servers (or sent across to their servers, in case of federation)

@sigkill i’m not interseted in the technical stuff - they can fix it if they want

@firstdogonthemoon That'd need end-to-end encryption, which is a much harder problem than just making a tooting service.

@firstdogonthemoon One possible argument: If admins couldn’t see DMs, they’d be unable to investigate when a person is using DMs to harass a person.

On Twitter, you slide into other folks' DMs
On Mastodon, the admin slides into your DMs

@firstdogonthemoon they don't need to, but encryption is extra effort. The default is not encrypting them in the database. The devs just haven't added anything beyond that. Pretty sure dms were added to mastodon a lot later after people asked, I don't think they were a priority.

@firstdogonthemoon it's really early, it's mostly the work of one guy, with time and enough outrage generated he will probably fix it, which is more than you can say for twitter

@firstdogonthemoon it's not a *need* like the admins want it that way - it's a technical necessity for the time being. you said you're not interested in it. and it would be that way on any other distributed platform.

right now you're still trusting every twitter employee not to read your dms.

proper shared cryptographic trust is a v hard problem.

@firstdogonthemoon I think the answer is probably "run your own instance" which is terribly unhelpful, but I am a software engineer so being unhelpful is literally my job :/

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