also i cannot believe i am the first person to raise this - where is the raising obvious issues department?

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@firstdogonthemoon Many people on Twitter include their Signal address for private communications, so people already distrust even the non-federated Twitter setup

@merospit sure ok i get it - but if people want this to be a twitter alternative that’s not going to cut it - it’s just going to be niche

@firstdogonthemoon Yes, although I have never found the need to use Twitter DM's, they are a core part of the service for many people and Mastodon lacks the ability to secure them right now

@firstdogonthemoon I too am flabbergasted that you would complain about this free service

@firstdogonthemoon In addition to raising the issue with Gargron, it would also be worth looking into if any instances have attempted to secure DMs.

The actual software for Mastodon offers a lot of customization to admins, and there are some variants of it that are very different to what M.S offers (eg,

I don't recall any that have said they have secure DMs, but it's not something I've looked into.

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