ok so i have to close this one and just use the one on aus.social

honestly can't stand any more "OMG THE MWF " articles any more. The writer's festival is more open, a bit different and not just people sitting on a panel and talking at people. What's wrong with that? What is seriously wrong with that? I used to be excited to go, then I got bored, and now I'm excited again. Surely you want people to GO TO THE FESTIVAL

@dadegroot hmmmm yes i want it to be twitter. but clearly it isn’t. so then can it “replace” twitter? because i don’t want to use both. interesting times

@merospit sure ok i get it - but if people want this to be a twitter alternative that’s not going to cut it - it’s just going to be niche

also i cannot believe i am the first person to raise this - where is the raising obvious issues department?

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