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it is too early to tell if tootdon is any good but i don’t like the green colour

I found out completely by accident that if you have tootdon open, and you have a bluetooth car setup - tootdon AUTOMATICALLY READS THE LOCAL TIMELINE TO YOU if you select it. I listened to it for like 10 minutes on the way home and it was fucking surreal.

how do i get lots of columns in mastodon? i like lots of columns

you know, i was an early adopter of twitter - some of them laughed at me but i showed them! - and now we are all in nazispambot hell - but we can make a new social media network out of the racist misogynist death threat bones of the old one! or can we

Cartoon! How much racism is too much racism? Let’s ask Australia’s parliament specifically Senator Ian The Climate Denialist Potato

that's it i'm leaving mastodon - i can't take it any more - going to write an article about it for the guardo

ok who's job is it to get rid of the spam bots and the trolls? do we pay money? or do we have to do it ourselves


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