Our next Spotlight is on Cary, our Mechanical Engineer and Father of Robots! (...And actual father!)

I just got a promotion to Happiness Architect (officially) and now I want it to be Nixitect. Who do I talk to?

It's about time that they join with everyone else. Yes they have devices that use USB-C but not the iPhone or the base iPad.


Pika Backup 0.4 with support for scheduled backups has been released. You can learn more about this release in my blog post or directly try it out.

Pika Backup is focused on backups of personal data with an emphasis on usability.



Oh hello NixOS with encrypted LVM + BTRFS RootFS and Swap matching my RAM.

Would appreciate any signal boost on this one. I’m incredibly excited to build a team around BeeWare. I want to make sure we leave no stone unturned.
RT @PyBeeWare
Would you like to be paid to work on BeeWare? Anaconda is now hiring for a full time, mid- to senior software engineer to join the Open Source group! beeware.org/news/buzz/now-hiri

Still wondering what my secret project is?


An #opensource bike computer.

After weeks of working behind the scenes, today the first functional prototype was tested on the road. Hello world!

Check out jazda.org if you want a prototype too.

#foss #floss #fahrrad #cycling #cyclocomputer

With the official Mastodon client for Android I now use Tusky just for Pixelfed. It works well.

In the next few month we will invest significantly into Nextcloud Social to make it a full member of the decentralised Mastodon open source fediverse using open standards like ActivityPub. github.com/nextcloud/social Who wants to help and contribute?

Here comes the flood :D. It's Judgement Day! Welcome new Mastodon users 💕 .

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