If you look out at the lawn and think, I’d sure like to mow that 3 or 4 times in a row, a reel mower might just be for you!

war atrocities 

Older brother reading about the discoveries of nuclear science that lead to the bomb. “Are nuclear bombs real?” Yes, and there’s only one country that has ever used them to kill people. We did. The US used them to bomb Japan. “What???”
There’s more to the story, but one atrocity at a time is enough.

language of slavery 

I’ve heard technical sales discussions all this week about master/slave devices. These terms are straight up offensive. And also THIS IS A BAD METAPHOR FOR HOW THESE DEVICES WORK. I guess people like the terms. What other terms use the same metaphor that would be somehow less appealing? Empire/colony? Lord/serf?

Me: I’m having some trouble reading with my glasses on.
Eye doctor: You need bifocals.
Me: But I can read with my glasses off very well!
Eye doctor: Yes, this is why you need bifocals.
Me: ...

Last night I took a notebook to a Carley Rae Jepsen show, which was very on-brand, but not at all practical

Today the spam calls are coming from...my own number. So I get to curse at myself when my own face pops up on-screen.

The concert was pumped through speakers. Impressive considering the setup, but worse than FM on your home stereo. I’ve got to get to the symphony this fall where I can actually hear it.

At an outdoor symphony concert where we could only see the instrumentalists on the giant monitors (yuck). But in camera shots of the woodwinds, giant bows kept jabbing into the frame. That helped.

Went to the US/Venezuela soccer match today. Had never heard Venezuela’s national anthem and didn’t realize how many VE fans were there until they started singing. It was a beautiful sound. (Then VE gave the US a proper thumping, 3-0) A fun game to watch with 24,000 other fans.


Son the younger wanted to snuggle last night before bed, and I didn’t even suspect he was getting sick. I’m so vain.

Watched a documentary on mixing tea blends and now I just want a strong cup of Kenyan highlands. Would it still taste familiar?

City park walk. Trees didn’t appear to have buds on them yet, but there are flowers in the grass.

That was a grape, not a blueberry!
I’m so disappointed in this salad now

A coworker tried to convince the group that shopping for a new couch qualified as adulting. I’d rather have that rubric

Spent the afternoon replacing a tire. Don’t drive an extra inch on a flat, friends

This receipt from Airgas says they put 54lb of CO2 into a 20lb tank. Is that possible?


Parents in a different culture who have different history and means and a different lifestyle also parent differently. Why can’t you be more like them?

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