I am originating a new usage of the ✅. I hope it catches on, because in a sense it's mostly used this way now.

As portability is currently quite limited, the checkmark now indicates that I am actively using that instance, and that my other nonchecked instance identities are hibernating.

It's not fancy, but for now, if it becomes the norm, its absence can then serve as a signal that you've moved. Link to where in your bio, and then followers know where to go look for you. Would be neat to just scan down my Follows list and see who I'm missing by the lack of checkmarks.

In the future I hope we can make lists follow users around (This will take a lot of work to architect right within the federation model, but the federation model is worth the work.)

@five interesting, but why not put a ❌ on hibernating accounts instead ? Otherwise we would all put ✅, doesn't help readability.

@five I already took it off again because thought being Unverified is cooler, but this is actually a good way of using it. *hat-tip*

@tim large motivation was the ongoing joke where new users think it's real and old ones play along, kill a couple birds with one stone

@tim EVENTUALLY I want to see a field in the same location (or so) that replaces the long @[name]@[instan.ce] shit with an indicator of Primary/Active and Instance. Top populated instances could get a simple color or something. (Planning several steps ahead here, for when I type, say, @[bob] and get three or four choices, ppl jump btwn instances, etc)

@tim but even if all that fails it's still a win bc there will be too many people with checks for newbies to reasonably think that so many ppl are verified

@five You can just use Identifi to tie up a bunch of IDs to a single login. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But yes, needs work.

@five If wasn't buggy atm, I could already demo it. Would need more work of course, yes.

@five I tried the animated avatar as well, at first, but I have epilepsy now. Love how things filter themselves out. :)

@five i like it! modifying slightly since i can't be sure i'm myself. but i'll throw on a 💤 over at birdsite to indicate the lower attention

@ZerothLaw It's an emoji. Copy it from -- well the easiest place is the post you replied to, it's in the body.

@five you could try half heartedly losing a wrestling match to Matt Hardy

@five Wouldn't it be great if it led to people developing more forgiveness and more humility? "Sorry about that tweet. Was having a bad day. It was stupid and wrong." "No problem everyone is a work in progress."

@rwzh I constantly have to remind myself that I have extremely calm zen days, frustrated days, and sometimes just carefree sarcastic shitposty days. When someone rubs me the wrong way, sometimes it's just that our x-days are currently incompatible, but they could be cool still

@five Than you. You're the first person I've seen talk about this with the understanding that this sort of thing is a huge task.

@krainboltgreene :sunglasses: well, I've only been here a couple days, but I have a bit of experience building complex systems, so with a bit of luck... heh

@five From a user's perspective, I think scanning my following list for people with a red cross would be a lot easier than scanning the list for users with a missing checkmark

Additionally, I have chosen to use the Mute symbol to represent inactive instances. (see @five ) Feedback? Does this feel intuitive?

@five maybe it's my [browser/font/cognitive bias/eyesight] but i'm not automatically seeing that as a mute-symbol yet. it's at least partially the glyph, doesn't really match the style of other common emojis, but that could be a font issue.

but it's reasonable and i'll adapt if it becomes common.

@brrzap what's it show as and what's your platform? for me I see a speaker with a red crossed circle overlaid.

@five that description's accurate, but the glyph's kinda thin and vague. my tv has the same basic icon and that works because it's huge and recognizably a speaker. in this font/size/something it's a vaguely left-pointing triangle.

left is webview, right is webapp.

@five this is firefox on linux. i probably just need to find better fonts, tbh.

@brrzap Guess it depends on your eyes and screen size. Screenshot looks right to me @five Apart from having account status on database (and thus being able to search by status) this is the best solution IMO. It feels like the internet went from emoji noise-deluge in handle (messenger era) to emojis marking corporate approval (twitter) and then to emojis as social convention to cover for a new emerging platform's lack of features. I like this progression.

@five I think I like it, Five. It's hella useful, although mute might be a little strong. Maybe the say-no-evil monkey? 🙊

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