@puellavulnerata @puellavulnerata dammit mark one of your alts with the check! which one are you using rn

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@five @puellavulnerata whichever one I see the thing I want to respond to on because of the lag

@puellavulnerata If we get the mobile / Tusky problem fixed for Maly I'll be back over there too lol. Has it ever given you problems? @puellavulnerata

@puellavulnerata @puellavulnerata another q I meant to ask yday, what'd you do to verify your findings with PKC and Bromantane? ("I'm in tune with my body" is acceptable.)

@five @puellavulnerata "I can instantly feel the difference in anhedonia clearing up and increased ability to concentrate as a result"

@puellavulnerata @puellavulnerata Roger. Was wondering if you had something cleverer. From you that's acceptable however. (And I agree, I've experienced the same -- PKC clearly becomes rate-limiting, and the limit is extended by PS supp.)

@puellavulnerata @five and it was a very notable difference from an equivalent dose of bromantane without the phosphatidylserine

@puellavulnerata @puellavulnerata yep. allows bromantane to do quite more with less ime also. could also describe as preventing tolerance, if you call "what happens after one dose depletes things" tolerance

@puellavulnerata Maly web client vs Msoc's, not asking about mobile yet. (Mobile is a garbagefire.) @puellavulnerata

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