So one quick very beneficial change to the web interface would be if clicking a timestamp accomplished what [right click, copy, paste in Search, enter] does, instead of opening externally. Bonus points if you can make it so that CTRL (or CMD) + LCLICK still opens a new tab, aka the current behavior. This is how the UX should behave here

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Also, heads up new followers, I'm headed over to I hope one day we get a protocol update where followlists can be more portable but that's gonna take a lot of planning and work to get right (let alone adopted across the 'verse)

I can't deal with the 3-hour lag on Msoc vs other instances. Whatever's wrong with the code presumably affects other instances too, so we probably should figure that out.

Anyway. Moving my greencheck to [] like described here []. I'll check here of course too. 😙

PS, annoying behavior that needs fixing: for Maly links, no prefix doesn't linkify. Assume this is .io domain-wide

PPS, the paste-into-searchbar trick works for users too if you didn't know. Drag or copy that link over :)

Further annoying behavior: In Msoc, my profile is already up-to-date with the new bio. In Maly I'm still seeing the old one.

r o u g h e d g e s @five

Though in reality until there's like, full syncing, I can't imagine you'd need a really fast TTL for this in almost all migration usecases

Adding to the silliness, if you open my Msoc profile externally (i.e. just click the avatar, in current behavior) it gives you the right version, but doesn't update it in the web interface.

Still, this is good news as it means it's available to be pulled in and the current code just doesn't do it

@five You got on, Five? I tried this morning, but it was not accepting new humans at this time.

@Wikisteff got on it a few days ago, just had held out bc of post/followlist pull issues (still an issue) and the Tusky bug (hopefully getting fixed)

@five afaik nothing linkifies if it doesn't have :// in it

@five @five I've not had much trouble interacting with smaller mastodon instances.

@five Great idea. You should search for/open an issue over at so that way it's tracked by the development team.

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