@parataxis Not gonna happen. They're doing it to curate their federated feed on their personal or small instance.

PPS, the paste-into-searchbar trick works for users too if you didn't know. Drag or copy that link over :)

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PS, annoying behavior that needs fixing: for Maly links, no prefix doesn't linkify. Assume this is .io domain-wide

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I can't deal with the 3-hour lag on Msoc vs other instances. Whatever's wrong with the code presumably affects other instances too, so we probably should figure that out.

Anyway. Moving my greencheck to [maly.io/@five] like described here [mastodon.social/@five/1602035]. I'll check here of course too. 😙

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Also, heads up new followers, I'm headed over to maly.io. I hope one day we get a protocol update where followlists can be more portable but that's gonna take a lot of planning and work to get right (let alone adopted across the 'verse)

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So one quick very beneficial change to the web interface would be if clicking a timestamp accomplished what [right click, copy, paste in Search, enter] does, instead of opening externally. Bonus points if you can make it so that CTRL (or CMD) + LCLICK still opens a new tab, aka the current behavior. This is how the UX should behave here

sometimes when i'm thinking about authority and state coercion and freedom, i am reminded that i was (and felt) more free in Japan than in America but my husband, who is Japanese feels (but isn't actually imo) more free here.

we have more legal restrictions; they have more cultural and social ones (that didn't apply to me as a gaijin). i think.

@moonman i see this stuff, someone RTd a shitpost (lol) into mine. I was pleasantly surprised @jb55 @sonya

@KitRedgrave I assumed this as well. Right move, but the PR is spin probably. If it isn't that's not good either bc it means he has delusions of how federation will look at scale, but. Smart move for now anyway

@NfNitLoop solves a couple other problems too, but if you don't have multiples don't worry about it

The Ruby library for interacting with the Mastodon client API is in dire need of completion. If you're looking for ways to contribute code, I think that's a good starting point github.com/tootsuite/mastodon-

Oh my god guys, I just noticed that if you set your toot to be unlisted instead of public, the button says TOOT instead of TOOT! (Note the !) mastodon.social/media/nkT8XJ8b mastodon.social/media/U9rWUIi7

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