"consumers are rightly worried just how the data tech companies are collecting about them are being used and abused. Yet Apple seems to be the only major tech company that had the foresight–and the will–to begin tackling these issues before they reached a crisis point."

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@fj And yet it isn’t foresight or will but business model. Privacy is an absolute competitive advantage for Apple. It’s what Apple can provide without negative impact on its bottom line (and, actually, with a positive impact as it is something people do care about and want) while doing the same would bankrupt Google/Alphabet, Inc. Also, we see how readily Apple capitulates on privacy when there is enough economic incentive for it to do so (see China).

@fj is it also not fascinating that both Microsoft and Apple make their money because they sell something and yet only Apple focussed on privacy proactively while Microsoft went down the Google route of “you are the product”? I am quite curious if there is a correlation between Apple’s perceived premium product and the desire for privacy by its customers or it is purely internally-driven.

@cynicalsecurity @fj Maybe it has something to do with Microsoft also running a search engine (Bing)?

@cynicalsecurity @fj I have heard that Apple sees itself as a personal gadget company, whereas Microsoft sees itself as a business software company. Lots of the skeevier things MS has done recently make perfect sense through the lens of “better IT manageability for huge installations”.

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