The European institutions are on Mastodon. You can now follow the European Data Protection supervisor on the instance! Welcome @EDPS :)


🇪🇺📖 For the directory of European Union institutions you can follow on Mastodon 👇

Interestingly, the instance's privacy policy doesn't explain anything about DMs.

Hey @EDPS, are DMs to accounts hosted on your instance subject to Freedom of Information requests?

In case you wonder, is hosted on OVH

@fj very cool! Thanks for sharing all that info.

@fj il fatto che l'UE abbia la sua istanza ufficiale con diversi account dedicati e' una gran cosa

Thanks for the tip, added a few new contacts :thumbsup:

@fj although I'm always uncomfortable with non-human accounts on the fediverse (they exist only for advertising reasons, not social interactions), I like the fact they launched a whole instance and not just a series of accounts.

@vanecx @fj they might not remain bot accounts, maybe some day actual community managers will take them over !

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