@Gargron Any plans on deploying end-to-end encrypted messages? This would be a nice feature.

(ex-Signal developer here)

@fj End-to-end means from client application to client application, so how would that reflect on the server-side?

@Gargron I guess it could already be implemented in clients by using the direct privacy setting to exchange encrypted BLOBS via the server-side.

@fj Yes. Although I can see the 500 char limit being problematic for encrypted blobs, do you have any idea how much plaintext can be encrypted to 500 chars?

@Gargron @fj You can't enforce a character limited on encryped text.
For bytes limit, however, encrypted blocks are the same size (in bytes) as the plaintext for most ciphers.

@fj @Gargron It's open source, therefore you can do it Fred :joy:

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