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Frederic Jacobs @fj

If the infosec community continues to migrate at this rate, I'm not signing into Twitter anymore next month.

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@fj can you call the Wu Cache Clan (Clementine & Co.)?

@fj I'd need the 300 ppl I follow and the thousands they RT to migrate here, plus the hundreds of ppl I have on lists. It isn't useful without network effects. But I do like the 500char limit.

@thegrugq @fj somehow we started migrating like there's no tomorrow...

@thegrugq That's because you're about quantity and not quality ;)

I mean, I don't want random people on Twitter explain to me how Signal works (happens all the time).

I'm happy if I just have a subset of Twitter here and let the discussion reflect that it's a more "focused" community.

@fj I like to have a mix. I RT the ppl who do exploit write ups, and the terrorist ppl, and the artists, and I like having that variety. It makes things interesting.

I could do without the several thousand ppl I've had to mute. Theres only so much "let me explain opsec to you grandpa" I can take in a day...

@fj @thegrugq you don't understand how Signal works! let me explain.. (1/499)

@veorq @fj it is different on iOS, allow me to expand a bit on this...

@thegrugq @fj TFW 500 followers is respectable on here lol