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Frederic Jacobs @fj

Who is still using Mastodon? Did it replace your Twitter use? Or complement it? How?

@fj I'm enjoying more signal:noise here, mainly in finding journal papers to read. Twitter is for entertainment/reach :)

@fj Complementary, but now that I think of it, I have used Twitter less frequently the past few weeks...

@fj I am. It's my default network now. I simply don't feel like being the product anymore.

@fj it replaced Twitter for me. I still have a Twitter account, but I don't have it installed on my phone anymore.

@fj Complement it. Considering deleting my twitter if the local hackerspace starts its own instance.

@fj @phryk mastodon has a different more conversational tone & I like it. I still use Twitter too since a lot of tech bloggers & pros are still only there. I toot more often than tweet.

@fj currenlty complementing but it can replace it when it gets easier to use.

@fj I'm still using Mastodon, but I'm also still using Twitter (a lot more).

@fj it replaces Twitter for me, but I was not using Twitter a lot. To mainstream, advertisement and so on. Mastodon is more interesting because you find also more people who use opwn source software.

@fj it's complementary
Twitter is more like a newsfeed to me.
I almost never post on Twitter.

Mastodon is different, I follow mostly different people and tend to post more.

Not to mention the 500 characters limit. It gives a lot more room to articulate a thought. This and the fact that everything is on a smaller more human scale - because of the reduced number of users - means that I'm going to use Mastodon in the future as well.

I'm very fond of the no ads no tracking FOSS culture too.

@fj For now, complement. I'm happy I can read discussions that do not end up in "140 chars are pointless" or "you don't know what you're taking about" all the time ;P

@fj Plus, @cynicalsecurity's daily toots about interesting papers is alone worth using Mastodon, for me :)

@fj It is surprisingly refreshing and inspiring here, especially everytime I'm getting annoyed but pointless hypes and castrated (length-wise) discussions on Twitter. Less traffic here yet better..

@fj for me personally is where I have sensible conversations with @HalvarFlake and @phessler on different subjects without being forced into short 140c and with the ability of expressing myself more fully instead of having to figure out how to split a birddroppingsstorm (Germanification right there ;)).

@HalvarFlake @fj @cynicalsecurity I don't quite have a critical mass for my industry here, but that isn't entirely a bad thing.

@fj i use both. posting here when i don't want to spam a lot of people. mostly asking for advice and posting rabbit pics and byte beats

@bcrypt @fj +1 to more rabbit pics...I haven't had one since I was in elementary school and they are so awesome

@fj Lack of read position is the thing messing things up the most for me right now. Desktop client seems to have some kind of memory leak t hat probably has to do with React.

I still use it, especially for technical stuff and anything requiring more characters.

@fj Just beginning and comparing it with Twitter. Trouble is really having to chose an instance first when signing up. The most popular one being saturated. I wonder whether EPFL could possibly install one for its community, like MIT did.

@fj I just got on today...used to be a big fan of back in the day, so I've been wanting a Twitter alternative for ages. This looks pretty snazzy (plus all the added benefits of open-source/federation/etc.)!