Must-read from The EU 👁#ChatControl #CSAM #MassSurveillance proposal "would actually make everyone in the EU, including children, less safe", "break #encryption" and "open the door for authoritarian governments around the world". (1/2)

Mastodon could be great to prototype and develop some concepts to build better multi-language support for social media. There is actually an open issue to support allowing to post multiple versions of their toots in different languages

“both encryption and abortion keep being framed as something “controversial” rather than something that you and I have every damn right to – something that should be ubiquitously available without encumbrance”

Aware of anyone violating EU sanctions on Russia or Belarus?

We have created an online tool for whistle-blowers to contact us and report violations of EU sanctions.

Make a report 👉

Peace is the heart of our Union 🕊️

Today, when Russia's aggression against Ukraine breaches international law, we stand united in supporting our Ukrainian friends.

Peace has no alternative.


RT @H2Europe: Commissioner @ThierryBreton & CEOs representing the European #electrolyser manufacturing sector signed today a joint declaration to pave the way towards achieving the #REPowerEU objectives and build a home for renewable #hydrogen in Europe.

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"Today we will propose to ban all Russian oil from Europe.

We will phase out Russian supply of crude oil within six months and refined products by the end of the year."

Speech by President at!M4FtXM


Thanks to Commissioners like Ylva Johansson there is an endless stream of policy proposals that undermine #HumanRights and threaten #encryption, #security and #privacy for everyone.

Folks within the @EU_Commission need to stand up and say no.

#KeepItSecure #DoBetter #ChatControl

Very shortsighted legislation in Belgium on data retention.

The bill is effectively outlawing Signal. I doubt it’s going to hold up to scrutiny from the Belgian Constitutional Court, but it’s going to be detrimental for privacy in Belgium.

🇪🇺📖 For the directory of European Union institutions you can follow on Mastodon 👇

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@EDPS What does that mean in terms of Freedom of Information requests? I assume this means that all the content of Direct Messages with accounts on that instance are considered to become public record?

Facebook was taking down evidence of Assad's war crimes in Syria.
It's doing the same in Ukraine.

> Meta illegitimately infringes on the public’s right to receive information about international crimes being committed & censors the voices of those who are trying to raise awareness about the ongoing war internationally

DSA won't stop cross-origin tracking. But browsers can.
> “the DSA’s prohibition of using highly sensitive personal data to target people with surveillance ads will be limited to online platforms only, and therefore leave the vast majority of ad networks embedded in common websites—as well as the data extraction industry behind it—untouched.”

Interestingly, the instance's privacy policy doesn't explain anything about DMs.

Hey @EDPS, are DMs to accounts hosted on your instance subject to Freedom of Information requests?

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🇪🇺📖 For the directory of European Union institutions you can follow on Mastodon 👇

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The European institutions are on Mastodon. You can now follow the European Data Protection supervisor on the instance! Welcome @EDPS :)

Cancel culture has gone too far, my printer cancelled a job because of an “offending command”

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