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Wonder how long it will take for Elon to call himself founder at a Twitter, like he did at Tesla after investing in it.

Emmanuel Macron won the vote of the French abroad almost eveywhere. Moscow being one of the exceptions, where of course, Putin's puppet Le Pen won.

Brussels Airport, and the deceptively named "Brussels South" airport, are respectively fined 200.000 EUR and 100.000 EUR for performing temperature checks with HIKVision thermal cameras without legal basis under GDPR

When you have startup culture glorifying quotes like "Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness" and printing them in massive fonts on walls, you don't have to be surprised there is a lot of apologizing ...

There probably is cryptography out there that is good enough for online voting. Problem is, everything else that’s necessary isn’t: software distribution (what election code is running), key distribution (who is entitled to vote) …
Democracies work when there is trust in the elections. If you need a CS + Crypto PhD to understand why something is secure; it’s easy to make people fearful of «election hacking». In contrast, most people have a good understanding of the threat model for paper ballots

When someone wants to meet you to tell you about their new ICO/blockchain project

Studies found that in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, there is one kilogram of plankton for each six kilograms of plastic, causing fish to starve because they eat the plastic instead of the plankton.

Also, scientists studying the North Atlantic Garbage Patch found a high concentration of microbes capable of digesting plastics for energy.

Great article on plastics in the Ocean

"our study has shown that most users are not taking advantage of the main privacy features of Zcash at all"

Don't drink from plastic bottles ...

"Beginning at 8 weeks, microplastic fragments and fibers were produced from strips of all three polymers"

Before spending a lot of time solving a hard problem, ask yourself if that problem is worth solving.

Life is too short to waste time solving problems that are not the root cause of what you're trying to address.

I took the task of filling this captcha really seriously today.

Because if I forget to click on a biker, that will probably lead to some biker getting run over by a Waymo car.

I forgot my wireless headphones at the gym the other day and now I'm going on a run with wired headphones, like a pre-historic walkman-carrying primate

At 128 days without any response on my US visa application, a Department of Homeland Security IT guy emails me for private curl support... The irony is not lost on me.

Added Mastodon link on my homepage, I guess we're trying this again for a little while :)

My feed here is not really active. Any Mastodon follow recommendations?

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