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Marianne Faithfull's record label didn't bother to make an official playlist for Negative Capability on YouTube, so I did it myself:

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What can I do but pretend to be brave
And pretend to be strong when I'm not?

Finally watched the John Wick 3 trailer and this movie is essentially made for me. Anjelica Huston! Halle Berry! Tons of dogs! John Wick RIDING A FUCKING HORSE! I can't wait! 😝

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Duckworth was putting up a good fight for a while but he's pretty much fallen apart, losing the second set on multiple double faults. Kind of wish ESPN had showed the first few games of Stephens v. Townsend because so far it's easily the best match of the first round- both players are at the top of their game and are coming up with some phenomenal shots, and I kind of hate they're up against each other this early because I don't want to see either of them lose.

We've now moved on to Nadal v. Duckworth, who strongly resembles a beefier version of Matt Johnson from The The. This resemblance hasn't helped him in this match, as he's down an early break. Somehow Nadal actually looks younger than he did when I was last closely following tennis, and I have no idea how that's possible.

For a few minutes ESPN was showing two matches side by side- Anderson v. Mannarino on the left, tiebreak in the second set of Goerges v. Collins on the right (which is now the featured match)- and I wish they'd do that more often. Pretty sure my landlady's DirecTV package doesn't include all those dedicated channels for the individual courts.

Chris Evert and Patrick McEnroe (who's going for the Don Cherry Bad Suit award of the tournament- if I were streaming this instead of watching on TV I'd post a screenshot) are speculating that Sharapova will retire this year. PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE.

This match has also reminded me how Sharapova uses her grunting as an intimidation technique, increasing the volume strategically in order to throw her opponent off-balance. Said opponent never grunted once, reinforcing my conviction that it's completely unnecessary and not at all related to the effort a player's exerting on the court.

But speaking of grunts: Murray's opponent is Bautista-Agut, who makes everyone on the women's tour sound quiet and timid in comparison.

"Sharapova winning this handily will help her reputation with the tournament". Uh... why? It's a complete mismatch, a brutal beatdown of an unseeded player who never stood a chance. And it sure as hell doesn't erase the very credible allegations that Sharapova used a performance-enhancing drug (and lied about it, and for some reason people bought her bullshit excuses) in the past.

Update: set 2 of the Sharapova match has continued to be a miserable rout, to the point where ESPN has switched over to the end of a match between two players I've never heard of before.

ESPN's now showing footage from Andy Murray's extremely depressing press conference again, presumably because the Sharapova match is just so fucking boring (she won the first set 6-0) that no one wants to continue watching it.

It's wild how I purposely avoid using hashtags on the birdsite to cut down on people sealioning into my mentions when I tweet about any event a lot of people are watching, but apparently fans of Maria Sharapova are name searchers who don't like it when you suggest she has no place in a major tournament like the Australian Open anymore. 😐

I'm having one of those moments where I feel like the timelines have subtly shifted without my noticing, because I've been going back and watching Todd In The Shadows' worst song videos from 2011 on and I swear some of these songs are different from what I remember being covered in these videos. This probably just means my memory's shitty. But I like to think it's a more surreal Twin Peaks kind of thing. 😝

Also: if KF were really stalkers worthy of the name, they'd have noticed I'm a huge fan of David Bowie. The mutual referenced in the preceding toots despises Bowie as a rapist because of his fucking an underage girl in the 70's.

This is a clear point of differentiation and one I've discussed both here and on Twitter.

TL;DR: KF are the most incompetent stalkers ever, and can't even get basic facts straight.

Now this is an interesting thing to think about! (to quote our old friend Gordon Cole). Mr. Burger used to stalk my Masto posts. If he's still active on KF, then he'll remember who I am and can set these young whippersnappers straight, since I'm not concealing any of these toots behind a followers-only lock.

Not that I'll know, since I stopped looking at KF for my own mental health and because I couldn't do a damn thing to stop them from stalking and harassing my friends.

Not to mention KF first noticed me due to my interactions with David Gallant and Jennifer Boyd, long before I was even aware of the existence of the mutual they believe I'm a sockpuppet of.

I guess the regulars in this mutual's thread aren't the same as the ones in those- i.e. my old nemesis "Army Burger".

I'm also amused to learn via one of my birdsite mutuals that they apparently think I'm a "sockpuppet" of said mutual, despite the easily verifiable fact that I live in a different state (though the state where this mutual resides was once part of Virginia... back in the late 18th century!) and my tweets don't resemble theirs in the slightest.

THEM: GaoGaiGar, depthless anger at Hbomberguy
ME: Twin Peaks, Marianne Faithfull, Fleetwood Mac, Bloodborne. 😝

SonicFox trolling KF on Twitter has made my night. They NEVER know how to deal with people who have a sense of humor about themselves and can actually fight back effectively against their bullshit- I still remember how funny it was when Kav P confused the hell out of them a couple years back- so they're ill-prepared for gaming's preeminent gay furry. I'd love to see them shut down for good but I'll settle for this in the meantime. 😝

TIL there's a novel written by the members of 4chan's /lit/ board, and it goes for an exorbitant price on Amazon. 😳

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Never forget that someone made a tune by sticking his mobile phone next to his speakers.

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