@strypey Yeah, #Diaspora in particular. Really, really weird that they bridge to Twitter but not Mastodon and repeatedly claim it's too hard.


@vik @strypey where did you see that "diaspora" (whoever that is) claimed that bridging to mastodon is too hard?

That and discussions in the dev repository. I did a demo push notification for Android too, which was also not viewed on as being a priority.
Right now Dandelion needs regular cache flushes to login and I'm getting a wee bit irate with Dispora at times.

@vik @strypey I don't have the beginning of the conversation, my pod didn't receive the toots. Can you please re-post it?

He started it!
"We have cross-posting tools for copying our posts from the #fediverse to Titter or vice-versa, and the same with the #IndieWeb (#BridgyFed). Maybe we could also have cross-posting tools for communicating between #ActivityPub and #XMPP (#Movim and #SalutAToi), #Diaspora, and #Zap, and any other federated social web servers that don't bridge to AP (eg any that get built using #Matrix)?"

@vik @fla @strypey
I know people reluctant to move to #Pixelfed because they lack a cross-posting tool to Instagram. Any idea guys ?

@bob @vik @fla @strypey Deleting one’s Instagram account is certainly an option.

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