I can't stop falling in love with Ubuntu Touch. I use it daily since April now on my Fairphone 2. I hope that now that the merge of the recent Unity8 and Mir is done, they will focus more on stability and solve some bugs though.


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@fla awww thank you, yes bug squashing is what we are working on.

@ubports I would love to help with QA. I'm currently running the `devel` branch and often report issues on github but they are not fixed at the moment. Not sure what I can do to help developers.

@fla if you head over to the Telegram Group, where our devs and community hang out, someone will point you in the right direction.

@ubports @fla
I love the UBports project, but there's something that annoys the hell out of me, and it's its reliance on Telegram for communications. As far as I understand Telegram, you have no choice but to create an account on some remote server using your telephone number. The server-side software is closed-source and managed by a for-profit company. My telephone number is deeply personal, why should I trust some company with it? How can your project justify this with its security goals?

@normandc @fla you could always communicate on our forum instead.

@normandc @fla our security goals are within our own operating system. If you don’t want to use Telegram you can always ask a support question on our forum.

@ubports @fla
@ernmander This is completely besides the point. I have 10 years of contributions to open source projects. I've been part of wiki admin teams for 2 separate projects, Ubuntu-fr and FreeCAD. I know what volunteer work is, I've dedicated thousands of hours of my time. I wanted to contribute to UBports doc but coordination is through Telegram. Nobody discusses the doc on the forum. You guys always tell users to go to Telegram for help. This is incomprehensible to me.

@ubports @fla @ernmander
Telegram is a barrier to attracting contributors IMO.

@normandc @fla @ernmander we have 2450 people in our Telegram group contributing every day. We suggest people go to the telegram group as they will get one on one support from the devs that hang out in the group all day. If you want to contribute I will ask if there is any other way other than the Forum

@UBports how about setting up a Matterbridge bot-bridge to Freenode IRC or similar more open chat channel?
Alternatively there is a cool new Telegram gateway for XMPP called Zhabogram.
Let me know if you need help setting it up :)

@povoq if you head into the Telegram group you should find the person responsible for setting all that up for us. The link is here thank you for the request :)

@ernmander @ubports @fla
Once again you talk about one on one support which, I repeat once again, is not what I am arguing about. Coordination between contributors is essential, and as proven it is done on Telegram, *not on the forum*. A person willing to contribute *and coordinate with others* has *no choice* but to join your Telegram groups. One who's not is completely cut out.

Anyway, I'm giving up, I feel that it is a waste of time trying to argue my point with you.

@normandc @ernmander @fla as Ernie has pointed out to you he has asked within the coms group if there is another method, he is waiting on an answer.

@normandc @ernmander @fla as Ernie has confirmed to you the docs team are willing to Matrix the group.

@fla @ubports How do you do instant messaging though? Without any modern #XMPP client it seems a useless mobile OS to me.

@STP_KITT @fla @NeoTheThird though it is worth pointing out we did have an Easter Hunt to find bugs in our XMPP client called Kaidan.

@ubports @fla @NeoTheThird Oh, so is Kaidan the considered "official" #XMPP client for the platform? I of course know about Kaidan but it's still lacking OMEMO encryption & overall is still a pretty bare client (I have it installed on my Plasma desktop). But good to know it'll work on UT, I thought UT may somehow be limited to GTK apps only.

@STP_KITT @ubports @fla It's not "official" from our side, it's not a pre-installed application. It's a third-party application available from the open store:

I'm not a user of xmpp myself, so i can't comment on that too much. FYI, there are also matrix, signal and telegram clients available for ubuntu touch.

For the record, most of Ubuntu Touch is built in Qt, not GTK.

@NeoTheThird @ubports @fla Thanks for your reply! I never heard UT being built in Qt - I like that! I know & partly use (to communicate with iOS users) the other instant messengers since I'm heavily into that topic, but to me #XMPP is the best overall system for the future.

@STP_KITT @ubports Qt has a significant edge over GTK for adaptive layouts and running on mobile devices in general. Things over at GTK are improving a little with purism's work on libhandy, but Qt is still superior.

I guess the only way to find out if the XMPP clients on Ubuntu Touch can live up to you expectations is to try it. And since you seem to be familiar with the tech behind it, maybe you can even help improve one of the xmpp apps? :)

@STP_KITT @ubports Oh, and of course - is after all - you can install and use any old xmpp client you have as a deb package on the linux desktop. Installing and using that is still a little cumbersome (and we want to make it a lot better!), but the basics are there :)

Here's how:

@NeoTheThird @ubports I'm still without a compatible device but I'm considering getting a Pinephone. I asked the Gajim guys earlier this week how Gajim would behave in a truly mobile environment but they had not tried yet. This Mastodon thread made me curious & I now found out that Gajim supports XEP-0198 which is important for messaging reliability in a mobile environment. I'm now much more eager to try UT for sure.

@NeoTheThird @STP_KITT @ubports i may look into that b/c omemo is a prerequisite for me too.

@ITwrx @ubports @NeoTheThird Ok. I read that yesterday & it was news to me since I thought programs could be installed in UT just like on a desktop. In case you didn't see my toot about Gajim in a mobile environment I found out that it already supports the needed XEP for reliable messaging in mobile usage, which is XEP- 0198. Would be interesting to see how it behaves on UT regarding notifications & such when the device is sleeping.

@ITwrx @ubports @NeoTheThird I do, too. I'm always on a very recent master snapshot to help finding bugs, make proposals etc.. is the official #XMPP group chat were the devs are always very responsive.

@NeoTheThird @ubports Yes I read about the flexibility in layouts Qt offers years ago & that made me try out KDE Plasma again & I stuck with it always expecting to be able to use it on mobile down the road. I must've missed UT being Qt too unless that was a change made after Canonical abandoning the project from their side. I registered on Kaidan's bugtracker & XMPP group when it was brand new, but I didn't find that much to test yet & was busy with testing Gajim.

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