I can't stop falling in love with Ubuntu Touch. I use it daily since April now on my Fairphone 2. I hope that now that the merge of the recent Unity8 and Mir is done, they will focus more on stability and solve some bugs though.


@fla @ubports my bq is very stable. It depends on the device. Nexus is also working well. Looking forward to the pinephone builds.


@lioh @ubports I have dozens of bugs on the Fairphone 2. Flashlight isn't working, SIM card management doesn't work well (very slow to turn on airplane mode, dataconnection is frozen after airplane mode turn off...), sharing data connection with Wi-Fi doesn't stop even if toggled back, same for bluetooth...

@fla @lioh as previously mentioned head to the Telegram group and they can offer advice, it’s where our devs hang out t.me/ubports

@ubports @lioh I'm there through IRC, but lot of bugs are already open: github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touc I don't want to spam and put pressure on devs. I'll ask again if I can help. Thank you.

@fla @lioh Good luck I am sure that one of the team will get back to you over in the Telegram group.

@michel @lioh @ubports What do you mean by "Experimenting" (and who are "they" in your question)?

The FP2 is an officially supported device by ubports: devices.ubuntu-touch.io/device

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