I just published a new release of , a full client for GNU/Linux & More where the official packages can't run (, , arm...)


> Since Microsoft bought Github, I'm not using it anymore.

🤔 🤔 🤔

@fla nan mais en vrai, félicitations pour la release 🙂

@bnjbvr Vue c'est le bien. J'ai jamais essayé React cela dit.

@fla on a side-note, `signal-golang/textsecure` sounds interesting and like an integration with e.g. irssi should be possible somehow… hmmmmm…

@mrus it is, Signal-cli is based on it. But we have a too hard time following upstream, we will probably dropping it in the months ahead to use the now available official rust lib.

@fla Thanks for doing this!

Is it reasonably straightforward to implement a Signal client, or is the barrier to entry still really high?

@Mithrandir they are now publishing a Rust lin handling all the crypto and are providing a nodejs binding to it, so it should be way easier. Axolotl reimplemented everything from scratch and this is very complex. We will probably drop that code base in the coming months to start again from the official desktop client code.

@fla Thanks! Glad to hear they’re putting a lot of effort into improving the ease with which others can build compatible clients.

@fla 👏👏👏 Super
Super timing au vu de lactu !

Une (grosse) raison de plus pour lorgner une réinstallation d'UBports

@fla Appreciate this. Has made life with Pinephone as my daily driver much smoother. Was impressed to see not only files/pics to/from work, but also videos send/receive with flawless playback! Thanks. 😀

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