We're in 2021, we hear leaks daily and you would like to protect yourself but you are not technical?
First two very simple steps:
- Install Firefox on both your desktop and your smartphone, stop using Google Chrome. Bonus point if you add the uBlock origin addon.
- Install Signal to talk with your friends. You can continue to use whatsapp in the same time, that is fine. But start using Signal anyway, so when enough people will have done the same, you will be able to ditch whatsapp.

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II believe that PrivacyBadger is both quite efficient and non-obtrusive too ?

(NoScript/uMatrix are certainly efficients but they can't be said to be unobtrusive for beginners)

@Iutech I would actually be very happy to read a detailed comparison between PrivacyBadger and uBlock origin, if you have that somewhere?


I don't but they don't do the same thing.
AFAIK ublock block ads while PrivacyBadger blocks anything that it identifies on multiple sites (which means that someone is trying to follow the user among these websites).

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