My girlfriend’s parents offered us plane ticket to for christmas. We plan to go there in April and stay for 3 days. However, the places to stay look expensive and often not worth it (not clean, with many people, far from the historical center…), even on Airbnb. Are there mastodon users living there or who went there who could advice us about where to stay? Thank you!

@fla ClinkNOORD is cheap and really nice. A bit on the capitalistic side of charging for a lot of things.

Alcoholic beverages are forbidden both in the common areas and your room/bunk though.

5 mins away from Amsterdam Centraal. (Train Central Station, just besides the city center)

Is the Amsterdam youth hostel still a thing? I stayed there in the early 80s and enjoyed it.

@fla Protip: don't rent in Amsterdam! The Netherlands have one of the best train systems I've experienced, many cities are very close to each other (< 30 minutes rides), tickets are meh-inexpensive, and many other cities have a lot of stuff to see that's less commercial/mainstream than Amsterdam.

(I guess it might be hard on a 3 day scale, but oh well)

Tested and approved! ✅

@fla @stsp if you do not care about a fancy room, amigo budget hostel, super cheap and good connection to the centre (30-40 mins walk) or 5 by train

@fla I cannot advice you on any residences to stay unfortunately but would like to warn you that April 27th is Kingsday that will make Amsterdam crowded and more expensive. Try to go early in April. Enjoy your visit!

I've found the holiday inn/hampton inn out by the arena nice and cheap for business travel if there is no event happening in the arena, then bike rental or train to get around. Not sure cheap for business travel is within your budget though.

@fla a płace calls prinsenstede is a very independent room w/ good location, but it tends to be booked out quickly. Been very many years ago, recommended!

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