ughhhhhh i don't want to have to have a whole bunch of media queries for the same project if they're not going to be clearly delineated between platforms

Should I get a discord? Is that a thing. Hm. Yes I think I shouuuuuuld.

It's just nice to sit here and watch the federated timeline scroll. Feels very chill.

Others have said this, but it's important so I will say it again. Mastodon is what you make it, and this community has been good because we try to be good people. Please do your best to be a good person and learn from others.

Only downside to mastodon rn is there won't be a dril account that doesn't feel forced. You know? Like. I wouldn't want it to be "dril but crosstoots to mastodon" but also

So, Hamilton. Still really good. Luv it. Lafayette is basically me tbh.

So, the federated timeline is literally every user tooting at once into the same feed? huh. that's interesting.

oh yeah do we still call them hashtags or is that, like, a specifically twitter thing

You know who's good and would never hurt anyone? Phoenix Wright.

Twitter feels like shouting into a void. Things slip through the cracks. Feels weirdly corporate, you know? The vastness of it all. Also it's run by total shitgibbons.

This just feels like talking in a room with your friends and also their friends and also technically everyone but like. It doesn't feel suffocating. I like that.

Questions: Can you do anything to modify the width of each of these columns? What about rearranging them? Reaaaaaaaally not fond of UX negative space

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