RT @bil_moussaoui: If you're using Steam from Flathub, there's now a Proton Tricks extension you can install to tweak proton to run your fa… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @jjardon: .@ramcq explain some exciting plans for a payment system for your @FlatpakApps in !! @LinuxAppSummit https:/… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @matthias_clasen: Sugar apps coming to flathub soon. Martín Abente, @LinuxAppSummit t.co/gKDZJYhWEN tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @bil_moussaoui: The Rust nightly SDK is now available on Flathub tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @zemarmot: Note that @FlatpakApps lucky users have had early update access to @GIMP_Official 2.10.14 for nearly 2 days now, before we ev… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @elementary: A fresh AppCenter release with Flatpak support is rolling out now! Check the thread for the many, many other great improvem… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @gnome: This past week Flatpak 1.5 was released as a significant update to this next-gen software distribution platform! 👍@matthias_clas… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @pwithnall: Parental controls support for @GNOME apps will be in the next releases of flatpak and gnome-software, allowing you to preven… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @bil_moussaoui: I have made a very simple @GitHub Action for @FlatpakApps that builds your application from the manifest you have in you… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @DanielFore: We’re not kidding about going all in on @FlatpakApps 😉 t.co/SLp9uG1ICq tweeted by @FlatpakApps

Probably the biggest change in how I use Linux in recent years has been the advent of universal package formats, in particular @flatpakappsnews - youtube.com/watch?v=bFHfmWPaTJ

Sorry mastozens! I forgot to pay the server bills, took care of it today. The bots should work now I guess. @moznews @ubuntunews @flatpakappsnews

RT @JorgeEscriu: Scratch Desktop is in the Flathub app store!

Now installing and upgrading in Linux is easier than ever.

Kudos… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @DanielFore: After 2 months of hard work, AppCenter now has @FlatpakApps support in Git master. Massive shoutouts to David Hewitt and ot… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @hergertme: I've been doing a bunch of Sysprof development in @BuilderGNOME on RHEL 8 for a few days now and thanks to @FlatpakApps it's… tweeted by @FlatpakApps

RT @dboy591: @DanielFore @FlatpakApps @FlatpakApps for the win! So great to have up to date and more secure apps with super easy installs. tweeted by @FlatpakApps

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