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christianity, wedding 

christianity, wedding 

christianity, wedding 

Argh why is the sun here? Go away warmth-orb! I want to think.

I read all the posts of everyone I follow.

You guys are doing great.

I woke up early because of a nightmare that went something like this:
Boss: "You did not sign your e-mails correctly"
*wakes up with anxiety*

Wtf. That is like the opposite of a big deal. I have the suckiest nightmares.

Saw the new spider man movie yesterday. It was hella cheesy. But in a good way.

Today I feel aimless. I need a project, something to burn for. Just immerse myself in something and loose hours and hours.

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Had a nightmare that someone hacked my computer and installed netBSD on it.

I have never in my life used netBSD. I barely know what it is.

Wtf brain.

Slept for eleven hours. I feel like someone hit me with a car. Made out of cotton. This is wonderful.

It's beautiful outside. Most of my corridor-mates have left the city so I'm almost alone.

The silence in the kitchen feels like a balm on an open wound.

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I can’t tell you how damn fucking funny this is

I’m in a library and this is

How they feel about it

Had a really long walk today by the fields of rapeseed. Have not felt this good in weeks.

I really like being here.

You guys are great.

Welp I think I might be working too much.

Should probably chill with the overtime for a bit.

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