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And then I put on some biosphere and check in on mastodon and everything seems like it's going to be alright :blobcat:

I got a job at a really nice place, full of competent people with waaay more work-experience than me.

So I'm learning a lot, but I also feel inferior in just about every way, which is fine. It'll pass. But right now I'm working probably a bit too much.

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Implementing a local search algo for a course and it is so hard.

I'm learning a lot though.

It is usually like this, when it feels like it is hard you know you have room to learn.

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I'm now catching up on and it turns out one of my favorite game critics has written a 13+ part critique on the narrative of Andromeda so I have something to read at least.

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Being so tired you fall asleep in the afternoon is probably not great.

Listening to music you like as you fall asleep is a nice thing.

I've been playing a lot of board games lately. It's good fun with nice people.

Life is good

Oh my god. The day has barely started and I'm so tired.

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Today on the BBC Global News Podcast exiting a story about turtles not always having shells:

"...I was tur-tally surprised to hear about that last story..."

What is even better is that his name is "Ben Bland".

Am I in a "A bit of Fry & Laurie" sketch?

SO made that mwmwmwmwmw noise she does sometimes.

She is adorable.

I'm happy.

Augh, I need to stop pressing "tab" blender. It triggers some major computation and I do not even need to do it. It is just a tick.



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