I know there’s a way to redirect but idk how so just follow @Floe sorry to join the legion of folk leaving mastosoc

HELLO!! I am switching over to @Floe !!!!!! Please follow me there

‪Oh my god I went to get breakfast and ran into the head of the department I applied tO LOLLLL‬

‪Not the person who’s been having schedule problems. Her Boss‬

Several of my friends have made instances and I don’t know which one to do

Hahahahaha I ran so hard my phone thought I was driving

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Shout out to the day I put tiny rubber hands on each of my finger tips and made a show out of holding the door for people
Downtown and gesturing with my multi hand

Me screaming across the sales floor “WHATS THE MATTER , YOU DONT WANNA SNIFF MY KOOSH?”

Shoot, my health insurance is changing. Now to decide if I want to push top surgery out til after January and get a lower deductible plan, and chance it with a new insurer, or try and cram it through with Aetna by December..

OH WELL there are other places but i really liked this one

oh my god, roy's fingers are huge and we can't get the dumb claddaghs we picked ;_;

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Guh. Still waiting to hear back about the assignment. Ghheahhgh

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Because it apparently needs to be repeated: DO NOT harass people you don't like. Not even if you think they deserve it. Not even if for some reason you think they're not really people because they're famous.

If someone's breaking the rules, report them and your admins will handle it.

If they're not, leave them alone.

Either way, DON'T HARASS THEM.

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