I know there’s a way to redirect but idk how so just follow @Floe sorry to join the legion of folk leaving mastosoc

HELLO!! I am switching over to @Floe !!!!!! Please follow me there

‪Oh my god I went to get breakfast and ran into the head of the department I applied tO LOLLLL‬

‪Not the person who’s been having schedule problems. Her Boss‬

Several of my friends have made instances and I don’t know which one to do

Hahahahaha I ran so hard my phone thought I was driving

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Shout out to the day I put tiny rubber hands on each of my finger tips and made a show out of holding the door for people
Downtown and gesturing with my multi hand

Me screaming across the sales floor “WHATS THE MATTER , YOU DONT WANNA SNIFF MY KOOSH?”

Shoot, my health insurance is changing. Now to decide if I want to push top surgery out til after January and get a lower deductible plan, and chance it with a new insurer, or try and cram it through with Aetna by December..

OH WELL there are other places but i really liked this one

oh my god, roy's fingers are huge and we can't get the dumb claddaghs we picked ;_;

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Guh. Still waiting to hear back about the assignment. Ghheahhgh

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Description of UI work: “your job is to be secret. To make things so intuitive nobody notices it”

... yes actually!!! That is what I do!

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