Watch this video which was made in 1943, when fascism had a grip on Europe.

> Donald Trump has retweeted a claim that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the media, the Democratic party, and “most” doctors are “lying” about Covid-19.

If Trump is so sure about that why doesn't he go to a COVID-19 party and show us!

Deceitful Johnson doesn't seem to want to put his "oven-ready" deal in the oven.

A no-deal Brexit amid the pandemic would be disgraceful... Only lunatics or fanatics would consider doing something like this. How did it happen that the once-sensible UK is being governed by people like this?

Navarro: "Show me episodes during the Obama and Bush administrations that said the global pandemic was coming, and then you will have some credence in attacking the Trump Administration".

> This is really dangerous stuff that they're playing with and they have no justification for it in fact.


Current headlines:

* Iran ends nuclear deal commitments

* Paradise lost: residents flee Eden as Australia fires race towards them

* Russia announces plan to ‘use the advantages’ of climate change

Bunked off work to take advantage of the sunshine - walking on the South Downs. Thanks for holding the fort,!

If you haven't seen it already, we've made a fun thing to help your team celebrate success. Design a NASA-style mission patch and get a pack of vinyl laptop stickers printed & shipped to your desk. Have a play and see what you think!

A preview of post-Brexit border control checks? Chris R in the autofrisk machine at on the away day. Watch to the end for the full effect!

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