It would be so useful if TestFlight would say which characters are invalid…

→ FB7450723 on Catalina can’t deal with pre-releases. 1st screenshot shows that some tracks aren’t available yet (since the album isn’t released) but it happily tries to download them (2nd) and then fails with a generic error. And blocks other legit downloads 🙄

Woah, is featured in the US App Store today tab → Thanks Apple ☺️

Downloading TestFlight crashes/feedback with Safari often results in corrupted files. Meanwhile, using Chrome, everything works fine.

Can we go back to a place in time where sotware worked please?

OMG you can drag the floating screenshot thumbnail into Slack on Catalina. There is your reason to upgrade 🙃

I wish macOS would have something like dynamic type.

Using the MacBook display in its native resolution looks great but everything is a little bit too big.

Safari 13 freezes all the time and doesn’t support the good extensions. I don’t want Google’s Software Updater crap. Firefox still doesn’t render native form controls…

So, Microsoft Edge? 🥺

There is still no iOS 13.0 restore image for iPod Touch 🤦‍♂️

Why is there no iOS 13 GM seed for iPod touch? Only 13.0β8 and 13.1β3 are available 🙄

Everyone who complained about the excessive amount of permission dialogues in macOS Catalina was right 😔

TIL: String.variantFittingPresentationWidth(_:)

> Returns a string variation suitable for the specified presentation width.

Why wasn’t I told sooner?

Every time I think can’t get better I discover some new thing. Today: Large Media which enables support for git lfs 🤯

Just found nextdns Since I cannot run pi-hole (I have no home network 😬) this seems like a perfect solution. Works great so far.

Thanks &

I genuinely struggle to keep up with all the changes to Swift. And I can’t simply ignore them because I have to understand Apple’s and third party code.

Wasn’t Swift introduced as an easy, approachable language?

“Swift Property Wrappers”

I want to like Swift but how is that still a thing, after so many iterations? 🙄

I can’t even describe how much I enjoyed the last week in San Jose.

Thank you all, you wonderful people 🙏

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