The number of times I unlocked my phone and started laughing has increased exponentially in the last few days. Thank you for the most wonderful widget.

Had such a wonderful first evening at — Thanks & for organizing and everyone for being there 🤩

EpocCam + Mountie (+ AirPods) make a surprisingly decent video call setup 😅

I don’t understand why multiple countries insist on launching a contact tracing app without system support from Apple. Those apps won’t do anything useful on iPhone. No one is keeping the device unlocked all the time to make it work.

Since 10.15.4 I’ve been testing iCloud Drive again. It still fails silently, files are missing, some processes are crashing all the time, then the crash reporter daemon is crashing 🙄 Maybe in 10.16?

Running slowly is absurdly hard. I was about to stay in Z2 during the whole run 😳 Guess I’ll have to walk next time.

I started to build the first, super small SwiftUI component for Flighty today. It feels so weird having to google every basic thing. And literally, every result was from 😄 Thank you, Paul!

I am glad everyone is sharing tips for working from home BUT remember you don’t have to buy an expensive desk and chair and set up a space that looks like an office in your home. It might help, and you can certainly try if you have the means but it is not the only way.

Picked up more beans, now I am ready to not leave the house for a while.

I had to fix something in an old Objective C project yesterday. Everything was so fast 😳 The build > run cycle on a connected device was almost instant.

Typing so many ; and import statements was hard though.

I switched from a decent hand grinder (Porlex Tall) to an exceptional grinder (Comandante) and I am blown away by the difference in grind quality, consistency, and taste.

Now I am even more excited every time I brew coffee 🤩

It would be incredible if would offer any kind of compensation for strong head winds 🙃 I am normally around 5:00 for that distance and not as exhausted.

So, after almost 4 years of living nowhere and everywhere and I decided to get a homebase for a while. Next week we are moving to Amsterdam 😱

The most unique coffee bean packaging I’ve seen in a while 🤩

I would love to know what the underlying bug is that causes this random sorting in the Core Data model editor.

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