Socialized streaming would not be a fix-all, but it would be a step away from a culture shaped by profit motives and a step toward new logics of listening online. And it could seed paradigm shifts for the way we think about cultural consumption and how we value creative labor.

🔗 Free...

Number of Homes

I will turn 35 this year and this is only the fourth flat I lived in (and the 2nd city):

childhood flat in Linz
first flat in Vienna in Meidling
flat in Alsergrund
flat in Josefstadt

(I’m not counting the one my parents lived in for the first month of my live.)

1Blocker 4 is amazing. It can block trackers in apps by setting up local network filtering. You no longer have to run a VPN. Bye, bye Guardian.

🔗 The Infrastructural Power Beneath the Internet as We Know It by Ingrid Burrington for The Reboot

I’ve lately been trying an exercise where, when reading anything by or about tech companies, I replace uses of the word “infrastructure” with “means of production.”

👋 Want to work with me? At mySugr we’re looking for a frontend developer. We have an awesome team, cool projects and a very nice office in the heart of Vienna (because we’re now allowed to think post-pandemic).

🔗 Embrace the Grind by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

[…] being able to offload repetitive tasks to a program is one of the best things about knowing how to code. However, sometimes problems can’t be solved by automation. If you’re willing to embrace the grind you’ll look like a magician.

Take a second and think about how your tongue lies in your mouth.

I’m so sorry.

🔗 GPT-3 tries pickup lines by Janelle Shane

You look like a stealth assassin from the clouds.

🔗 He got Facebook hooked on AI. Now he can’t fix its misinformation addiction by Karen Hao for MIT Technology Review

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