🚀 Today I released @fec/eleventy-plugin-remark v2.1.1. This release adds an option to disable rehype and gives users more flexibility in which remark/rehype plugins they can use. github.com/florianeckerstorfer

I’ve been using Nova as my only code editor/IDE for the past two weeks and it’s great. Such a pleasure to have a native Mac editor again with great support for TypeScript, Prettier and ESLint. nova.app

Super interesting investigation how favicons can be used to track users, circumventing VPNs, private browsing and anti-tracking measures.

🔗 Supercookie supercookie.me/workwise

🔗 The web didn’t change; you did by Remy Sharp

Sure the choices might be overwhelming, but what you learnt in the mid-2000s still works. Browser bend over backwards to maintain backward compatibility. remysharp.com/2021/02/11/the-w

🔗 MacKenzie Scott’s Remarkable Giveaway Is Transforming the Bezos Fortune by Sophie Alexander and Ben Steverman for Bloomberg.

Someone is feeling bad about how her ex made all his money. bloomberg.com/features/2021-be

Yesterday the Biathlon World Championship finally started. 17 days of lockdown without a single competition are finally over. Bonus points for Austria winning the silver medal in the Mixed Relay.

Today the Biathlon World Championship finally started and Austria surprisingly won the silver medal. Having at least one competition nearly every day makes the lockdown a bit more bearable.

🎸 Julia Stone — We All Have (feat. Matt Berninger)

Nice, new song from Julia Stone and a new album is coming in April. youtube.com/watch?v=b_4ZTHLvKO

I find it oddly satisfying when the months starts on a Monday.

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