Night Mode is so good. (I know, I’m a year late to the party.)

New toy, my first three camera phone. November in Vienna is also the Perfect time to try out Night Mode.

I finally got Newton‘s Principia print from KroneckerWallis and it’s beautiful.

I wrote four blog posts this month already. I think there have been years were I have published less.

📝 New blog: Firefox cannot render Source Code Pro in colour

Fixed a bug on my site where the colour of the code examples was not rendering in Firefox.

🚀 I have updated @fec/remark-images to avoid layout jumps and show a blurred version while an image is loading.

Great news: At mySugr we are currently looking for a Frontend Developer. If you want to work with me on products to make life easier for people with diabetes you can check out the job posting

🚀 I have released @fec/eleventy-plugin-remark v2.0.0 last night. You can now set options for Remark plugins.

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