How it started: I want to play a sound effect during a video call

How it ended: I have an overcomplicated system that involves StreamDeck, Audio Hijack, SoundSource, Farrago, Keyboard Maestro, and Shortcuts.

But: it works 🎉

When a Google Meet preview page is open in the background, the sound quality of the music I’m listening to is super bad. How are these connected? It took me forever to figure this out.

I received my Mark Two. Such a nice pen, the magnetic snap is glorious.

I’m going on my first ever business trip to visit my colleagues in Barcelona 👔🏖

From last Saturday: Julien Baker live at Arena in Vienna. My first concert in months.

Released a new version of remark-images, my responsive images in Markdown plugin for remark. It now produces an AST instead of raw HTML, which should allow for better integration into the remark ecosystem.

Prism Music is a music player for iOS that can be connected to Plex and Apple Music. This is exactly what I was looking for.

I listened to the new live album from Zola Jesus and I miss live concerts so much. I was supposed to see Nilüfer Yanya, but I had Covid and the Lucy Dacus show was cancelled. Now looking forward to Julien Baker.

The quaking of the duck is a nice change from the pigeon sounds we normally hear.

We got a taste of spring, but winter is not yet done with Vienna.

I used this occasion to update the Apple Touch Icons for my site, but I’m still not super happy with them.

FastMail and 1Password are promoting their integration of Masked Email, but it does not work for me. I never seen it when a website prompts me for my email address.

I’m not sure what I should think Epic Games buying Bandcamp. Bandcamp has been my favourite way to buy music over the last couple of years and I hope it continues to operate on the same principles it has before.

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