@sahilk I'm doing better now. On a complete liquid diet because of the broken teeth and sutured chin, which is the hardest part.

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If you've just joined , congratulations. You're part of something that might change the way internet culture has been for over a decade (trolling, cyberbullying, misogyny, discrimination). Be mindful of every action - what you do, who you follow and boost, how you engage. This is a good opportunity to reconsider every single social media action and think about how it could be done better.

Cultures are built by people, not platforms and tools.

@sreshthx I was on it very regularly for like 6-7 months, made a few friends too

@sreshthx Is that why you said I'll regret some tweets in 2021?

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My mom works in BSNL and she says that senior officers have been spending upwards of 30-50k a year from their salaries to pay for bills and contract hires without any guarantee of compensation from BSNL. Wish the media and the government acknowledged the efforts these people who've worked over 30 years for a government office put in to make it a success despite little to no support from the DoT.

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So like do I crosspost all jokes from Twitter here?


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