The tyranny of None. None is an abomination and poor code-design escape hatch which is already badly encouraged in Python due to mutable default arguments being a pain. No need to encourage this bad design even more by providing special syntax for it.

Huh, I totally forgot I'm on the eventlet Dev team. Anyway, if you use eventlet time to speak up on issue 513!

I fully admit I joined that meme too btw. Because it's sad and true. But then I also realised I often use pytest --showlocals --pdb when doing TDD and there's so much more scope for nice things. Hopefully breakpoint() is just the beginning

All this "I've been an sw dev for X years and I debug using print" just show how much an impact once can still make by working on debugging tooling.
If you think you'd miss the repl then what makes you think you're not missing a debugger?

So is Israel recognised as an apartheid regime yet?

What's the state of riak? Is there a maintained fork somewhere that builds on recent Erlang/OTP?

And now Zurich removes a cycle lane to fit in an extra lane for cars turning. Which murderous idiot got in charge?

"technology will be used to determine where to goods will ultimately end up"

A real sentence written by the BBC, presumably parroting the UK govt brief.

@flub In general I find the gRPC stack to be using surprisingly complicated protocols for doing surprisingly little.

As far as I understand the gRPC protocol doesn't provide much other than multiple streams, but that's http2. Best I understand the useful bits are hidden in the implementations. They should really do RFCs for those like the ZeroMQ community does.

So what happened to openid? What's the successor?

Also managed to miss a train by ~5 seconds so this day is going well

Perfect paragliding day, got timing and location perfect and then I manage to take off with a knot in my lines.
By the time I land the valley winds are washing over takeoff so ruined a gorgeous xc day.
At least I got to know a new area I guess...

I don't mind you all stringing 2-3 tweets together. But if you've got anything more to say *please* write blog posts.

Subiterpreters would only let you pass primitive types? Sure, that's one way to make it safe to share data. But how useful is that?

"experience working with open source software and associated ecosystem (GitHub, TravisCI, DockerHub)"
What has "open source" even come to mean? Afaik none of those listed are open source. *sigh*

Could the next psf/jetbrain survey ask about testing frameworks please?

I appear to have successfully created my first D-Bus service. In Rust nonetheless! \o/

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