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Floris Bruynooghe @flub@mastodon.social

Just been closing old issues on pytest-timeout.
Nothing like closing your own issues on your own project with "seems no one cared for a few years. wontfix"

Further update on the @Puri_sm: screen is somewhat disappointing for the price. Caps & NumLock LEDs missing not as bad but seemingly NVMe disk uses AHCI - perhaps a coreboot issue - still :( tho

The @Puri_sm laptop seems mostly nice. Getting a decent Firefox was a pain tho, but I've not yet replaced PureOS with vanilla Debian. So who knows

Oh right. This is the Firefox without vimfx.

If you have c code that needs to be built on android, iOS and *nix, what build system does one choose?

cartoon crizising the discourse of the gun shooting in las Vegas.

And queationizing how the discourse would have been if the same would be done by a women.

created by #AnnTelnaes
'She creates editorial #cartoons in various mediums- animation, visual essays, live sketches, and traditional print- for the Washington Post.'
thenib.com/ann-telnaes mastodon.art/media/Vw2fKi-A1oS mastodon.art/media/NgDBf16t-vj

Catalan president tells his citizens to use #IPFS to circumvent the Spanish central government's censorship of elections on October 1st.

#ipfs #decentralisation #web3

It took me about 4 months to go from thinking this place is so nice for cyclists to hating all drivers and planners.

So what password managers do people recommend to their friends and family? My personal setup is not user friendly enough.

Would ppl like subtests in ? Should be able to solve as well I reckon

Anyone I know been trying ring.cx?

Any users of pinboard in my followers? How does one use it? Is it similar to pocket?

Conspiracy theorists finally convinced no secret society could possibly be running this mess

– '...Racist, Norman Steele, added, “I used to think the Jews were running everything. But they seem pretty organised, so I can’t imagine they’d be behind this mess.”

Professor Henry Brubaker, from the Institute for Studies, added: “When you look at the current state of affairs, it’s pretty clear who is running it.

“Over-privileged, incompetent white motherfuckers.”...'


Hey twitter, any chance I can borrow a rope in Boulder for tomorrow? It appears I can't avoid a single pitch abseil. Thanks!

I don't think I know anyone in Boulder or Denver do I?

Packing for a trip to the US. Seriously, my plug adaptor situation is getting ridiculous

I seem to have won the lottery today, made it onto my original train! Can't say I was expecting that