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Floris Bruynooghe @flub

In related news: if you have a phone number of me, I now have a new Swiss one.

Phone numbers are such an antiquated and clumsy identifier. Why do we still use it so pervasively?

Twidere supports both Twitter and mastodon simultaneously! This should improve life!

Seems org-mode's elpa repo does not support https.

What's up with Swiss private health insurance offering to cover homoeopathy?

"Get privacy tips from DuckDuckGo!"
[click button]
"Please type in your email address"

@ebarrett Is this on some BSD? Doesn't work on my Debian GNU/Linux box...

@ebarrett and I guess they've been changed before, so a big enough step improvement might make it anway

@ebarrett it's an interesting design problem, people use them wrongly so often so wondering how they could be improved, fixed. Ground up design ideas could still result in improvements to the existing ones

Any tips on where to follow Swiss politics btw?

I really ought to try and tune out of British politics. Maybe.

If you where to design pytest fixtures today, how would you do things differently?

Completely worked out answers can win some pytest stickers!

Going through the EuroPython talk voting page. There are a lot of proposals!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

its the year 2050. for 10 years your retinal implant has been blinking 12:00 because the company decided to stop supporting it