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Floris Bruynooghe @flub

My favourite was caching 40Mb of sqlite data in memory for massive read speedup but no loss of safety

Had some fun optimizing a python script from 500s best-case run to 30s best-case. Mostly complexity fine, but writing files - ouch

Anyone want to place bets on how long it takes before my accent is closer to American than British? :-(

Can everyone please use cffi? I'm tired of your ctypes-based bindings segfaulting

Imagine if we put all the computational power used to fucking mine bitcoin into something actually fucking useful besides libertarian funny-money.

I don't get all these Liz EU hat things today. We need to shrink it to 5 countries?

I'm now compulsively checking every 12h whether May is still PM. That's astounding

Sometimes I worry the name "pytest" is too generic and confuses ppl who never heard of it, not clear if it's distinct from stdlib testing

Honestly I still have no idea when to use d, t or dt in what is supposedly my mother tongue. This is why I failed at languages in school.

forgetting the phone at home is a good test case for backup access methods to 2fa services.

Lua's figured out what 0/0 is: -9223372036854775808
Now we finally now.

Four letter word du jour:

It's in systemd as fallback if your DNS is too slow, it's in docker, and it's in your bleeding toaster.

Don't point your infra to a company which is (not yet) collecting that data; if it starts doing so, you're screwed.

I now know way too much about pulseaudio

And I'm speaking on how to make your app a first class kubernetes citizen, come to my talk and tell me all I got wrong!

In other news, I'm going to EuroPython! I look forward to meeting lots of new people, come say hello and chat about stuff

Great, my talk is on a Thursday again. Why can't it be on the Monday? Much more relaxed conference week that way.

Would it not be a good idea for bug tracking systems to have 1 or 2 checksum digits in their issue numbers? E.g. 12345.67 would seem useful

Why is twinnings' English breakfast all but just that?

@flub also way more work than it looks!