the first episode of the new l word airs tonight ayyyyyy

even if i knew how to stop dreaming of you,

i never would

taking donations so i can buy overwatch for switch when it comes out while i wait to hear back from all the job apps i sent out

always wanted to do the wade boggs challenge who wants to come w

must be some kinda record

i started drinking today at 9am

heard you can make a hammock out of those plastic 6 pack rings so for the past two months my alcoholic ass has only purchased 6pks and i just finished #70 and i wanted to do the math on how many beers that was so; 70 x6 beers per pack = 420 beers

ayyyYYYYYYE i'm gonna die of liver failure

god damn it i had like 500 followers on twitter and mfing 6 on here kms



yeah you

today's the day to switch to cruelty-free proteins I BELIEVE IN YOU

wonder if anyone i know irl uses this site

as soon as i got a bunch of my friends to use the birdsite w me i got banned

also can i just say i'm fuckin tired

because my sex life picked the hell up, my dudes, and tbh i'm all for it

a have a new boyfriend who treats me like a person and the dissonance of what that's like compared to before makes me wanna see if i'm awake like 100x a day

never stay with your ex long enough for them to give you 4 black eyes

wish my mental health would quit ruining my fucking life

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