Second track! I'm not as happy with this one but it is what it is (which is in turn an effete tautology).

number four. Felt like doing something a bit weird and abstract. Not like that's out of the ordinary for me during novembeat though.

ended up doing day 5 early because I was feeling shitty and needed to make some more music

day 6, not happy with this one and it needs a lot of cleanup but somehow I was busy all day

day 8 seems low-effort but I was busy working on a more intricate song for tomorrow so this is just something I threw together at the last minute


did a differently-low-effort but better-to-me 8th . it's a two for one special

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Today’s is something a bit different - it’s a birthday present for! Happy birthday, moboid! I felt it necessary to do a today, and for best effect you should wear headphones while listening to it.

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