I just realized that most Disney Princess movies are from the perspective of the princess and the only ones I can think of which aren’t are Aladdin and pre-Disney Star Wars

(I don’t have a point here, I’m just noticing things)

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Also Tangled is interesting in that it’s from the princess’s perspective when the story of Rapunzel is traditionally told from the man’s POV

And does the man normally even have a name, or is he meant to be a stand-in for the male audience with a savior complex?

@fluffy My spouse and children came back after watch Frozen 2 and said the movie probable doesn't pass the Bechdel Test if it was for men.

@fluffy I think the male character's usually just called "the prince" in those stories, if any of them aren't (besides "the beast") I sure can't think of any

I guess Gaston and John Smith, if you want to count them (and John Smith might as well not be a name)

@matt oh yeah I guess I haven’t seen Pocahontas and I honestly have no idea whose perspective it’s told from aside from the white savior writers

@fluffy It's been so long since I've seen it that I don't remember, I think it shifts between perspectives, but you're right in that ultimately the film's only real perspective modern-day genocide apologia

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