oh yeah I finally have a formal dx of ADHD and I'll be trying Concerta first.

Also gah why is Kaiser Permanente so good at some things and so terrible at others

Likes: my general practitioner, my psychiatrist, the support staff, that one lab tech who is REALLY into pins
Dislikes: nearly everything else

Having integrated care is great but having to deal with the extra layers of bureaucracy, the lack of appointment availability for certain specializations, and a handful of doctors who make me really wonder why I even bothered, not so much.


Also like any larger health org they are very hit or miss about trans stuff. There is also a correlation between the ones who are savvy or at least affirming, and the ones I actually like seeing, even irrespective of trans-related issues.

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Like gee I wonder why the doctors who are dismissive of my pronouns and quick to blame my estradiol for my issues are also the ones who tend to make me wish I were seeing literally anyone else for medical care

To clarify though the psychiatrist I saw today and her entire support staff are amazing.

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