hey @medium@twitter.com this is a bit on the nose don't you think

As always, my criterion in naming a PokΓ©mon is whether i have a dumb pun and/or pop culture reference.

@corelsoftware@twitter.com @tumblr@twitter.com what the shit, corel

I rebooted my computer to find sound didn't work at all. and this... why. why do you set up a virtual audio interface and switch things to it, at startup, after I've uninstalled Painter

is this like a "screw you" thing?

Just look for the purple table in the corner by the bathrooms. There’s also really good cellphone reception here.

and now it's changed again, saying "scheduled delivery" for tomorrow

estimated time "by end of day"

thanks, such specificity

I only have two CATcher pins left, for the next two people to get a high score!

(But if you miss out, come see me at @GeekGirlCon@twitter.com in a few weeks where I’ll have them for sale)

All set up to show CATcher at @RetroGamingExpo@twitter.com with the @PIGSquad@twitter.com! Come on by in Exhibit Hall E, by the @EpicGamingPDX@twitter.com stage!

My Indivisible collector's edition arrived today! Now to figure out when I'm going to have time to actually play it...

Nice to see that @duckduckgo@twitter.com's contextual ad placement has gone back to not understanding C++.

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