Wish blogs were still a thing that people gave a shit about.

queer.party is down again so I guess I’m back here for now. for as little as I care about real-time timeline-firehose social media to begin with.

Bluetooth headphones are such crap. Back to using the annoying lightning to 3.5mm adapter and much cheaper, better-sounding, doesn’t-constantly-cut-out earbuds.

Posting this solely to see how quickly FeedOnFeeds' WebSub support receives it.

okay wow this sure feels spammy, coming from me multiple times on multiple accounts. I'll just turn off the crossposter on this account for now :P

Hello friends! Starting right now and through the entire weekend, take 25% off any of my music at @bandcamp@twitter.com with discount code PLAIDFRIDAY at music.sockpuppet.us/!

@Austin_Dern Thanks! Now to figure out why this only posted to mastodon.social and not queer.party!

@packbat yeah that's kind of annoying. oddly enough other people have just followed me on this account too so I dunno if there's some loophole they're using or what.

That said it's probably best to follow both of these accounts

Okay, queer.party seems to be stable again, so I'm gonna switch back to this as my primary instance. Again.

@noxypaws oh wow there were a lot of them according to the Internet

the one I was thinking of was Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki, whose characters were dating on Roseanne and then they started dating in real life. Then she realized she's a lesbian, but they remained good friends (and their characters eventually married in the show's canon).

@noxypaws I like that Dr. Bashir and Kira Nerys also married in real life (and then divorced like four years later)

also I'm trying to remember another big ol' hollywood power couple that messed everything up by getting married while working on their show together and then deciding they couldn't work with each other after they divorced soon after but I'm drawing a blank

@cons@lgbt.io yeah but is β€œNeo” really any better?

@frameacloud thanks! The job itself doesn’t seem all that glamorous to me but it’s something to do that helps others and that is worth a lot to me.

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