How many more times is Equifax Breach Settlement going to ask me the same questions about which settlement option I want and how much time I spent dealing with the fallout from their shit?

My Indivisible collector's edition arrived today! Now to figure out when I'm going to have time to actually play it...

Wellp, for some reason IFTTT never crossposted my latest comic to this account (although it did end up on Tumblr and Facebook so I'm pretty sure the problem isn't on my end).

Anyway here it is:

I ended up changing the last panel on this because I was getting WAY more people completely missing the joke/issue than people finding it understandable or relatable. Guess this is less common than I thought. :)

@Austin_Dern yeah I just was getting way more messages from people going β€œI don’t get it” even when I refined the art to absolutely focus on the notifications.

@Hi_cial I had not even touched any of their tweets about it, literally the sequence of events was:

1. friend 1 made a post about badgers (not specifying team or animal)
2. friend 2 replied with a joke about Redwall
3. twitter blasted me with "These two friends are talking about Badgers vs Spartans! So should you!!!"

okay so it turns out that one of them did mention the sports team by name and then the other one posted a snarky reply

so teeeechnically it was correct

I still don't give a shit about algorithmic engagement points

Why is Twitter lying to me about friends talking about a hashtag related to a sports game that I am sure they are not talking about? (and I check their timelines and, go figure, they aren't?)

does Twitter really want to bandwagon me into talking about football for some reason?

Is it just me or have email spammers gotten a lot better at evading filters lately? It used to be that what little spam didn't get flagged by my filter ended up in my "to review" bucket at least, but nowadays a pretty sizable portion is ending up in my inbox.

I wonder how much of the AI at the Amazon Go store is really just third-world humans reviewing security cameras

Whose idea was it to put the day after ? Those kinda seem at odds...

I'm not sure "happy" is the appropriate descriptor to use for but I hope that if yours isn't, you can find the resources that make things better by the next one.

Everyone needs help sometimes and there's no shame in that.

When the heck did Coca-Cola buy out Blue Sky Soda?

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