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Also I probably didn’t need to heat up 10 heckin ounces of nog.

This is probably a terrible idea and there’s probably an easier way I could have done this. Like warm it up in a small saucepan, possibly a Bain Marie or something.

But I’m planning ahead by a few hours anyway. And maybe in a few hours when I want my decaf eggnog latte the eggnog will be reasonably warm.

When you don’t have a microwave, do have a sous vide, and want to warm up some egg nog for a lattΓ©


Hey guys, as always:

Remember that the people working retail are humans,

That the things that annoyed you in the store were almost certainly not their fault,

That if they’re ringing register, they probably can’t change corporate policy,

and that they are PEOPLE and deserving of your consideration and respect.

Wherein I participate in a corporate marketing campaign in order to subvert it from within 

So out of general curiosity, who here actually reads their entire timeline vs. just skimming random/recent stuff?

Here’s a horrible insight into how digital tools and age-old psychology can turn satire into conspiracy theories. This is why the β€œfake news” of misinformation and disinformation is going to be so very hard to combat.

Like, I'm still recovering from the cough I got that week (in that the cough made me vulnerable and caused me to get a mild bronchitis, which is still clearing up).

He's only four months old and this is a really formative time in his lung development.

Holy hell, my brother sent pictures of the air near his home in San Francisco. It was pretty bad when I was there a week ago - right now it's *abysmal*, and way worse than Seattle was during the fires this summer.

I really hope this doesn't end up hecking up my little nephew's lungs for the rest of his life. :(

Ah, Sunday, when my entire neighborhood smells of bacon grease.

Oh dang, Snowflake (from used the stems from the Or Die Trying OST as the basis of a really amazing new song. Check it out!

I suppose I could just post it to soundcloud or youtube and wait to get DMCAd to find out who owns it

I was just reminded of a standup comedy bit that I've been trying to figure out the origin of for a while now. Anyone have any idea who the heck this is and where I can hear the rest of the set?

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