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Hey, gang!
Check out my interview that just dropped on the Primo Nutmeg Show! It's... well, PRIMO!

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I've finally nailed it down. Between Ocasio waffling on Palestine, Gillum flip-flopping on Medicare For All, all the ex-CIA types running as Democrats and all the doorknobs screaming "vote Blue, no matter who", I think I've finally figured out what the Blue Wave is going to be: the Democratic Party choking to death on its own vomit.

Latest'n'Greatest: "Blue Wave no. 3: Pukin' Blue, No Matter Who"

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Latest'n'Greatest at my cartoon blog:
"TV Talking Head Quote/Meme Template Art" Hot off the drawing board, for all your fave TV news talkers' hot shit takes on Twitter. (serving suggestion shown) @ipm

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"Christ The Redeemer (after Paul Landowski)" at my cartoon blog

LOOK CLOSE. NO. CLOSER. 👀 Jupiter's moon Io rises just off the horizon of the gas giant planet in this image from our Juno spacecraft. Slightly larger than Earth's moon, Io is the most volcanically active world in the solar system. Discover more:…

**Hunter S. Thompson: Chronicling the Republic’s Fall**

"Hunter S. Thompson is one of, if not the most, famous journalist of the last fifty years. His inimitable style and approach to the work of journalism made it an art form, with his mastery in a domain of its own. The first ten years of his work included three books—Hells Angels: A Strange and…"

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An official report commissioned by the Dutch government has severely criticised Microsoft Office for violating its users' privacy:

"Microsoft systematically collects data on a large scale ... Covertly, without informing people. Microsoft does not offer any choice ... or possibility to switch off the collection, or ability to see what data are collected"

I've added a new section to

#DeleteMicrosoft #Privacy #Alternatives

Solidarity With Camp Fire Survivors: North Valley Mutual Aid

Extinction rebellion Show more

‘Ran out of anti-Russian stories?’: Times Of London grilled for calling ‘Masha and the Bear’ propaganda — RT World News

A woman at choir asked what my major is. I told her Forestry. She very carefully (almost tersely) expressed her opinion that the belief that forests should be managed is arrogant.

I wanted to rebut that humans have managed landscapes for thousands of years, that the notion of a pristine and wild pre-European North America is a myth...

But mostly I wanted to wave my paper choir score in front of her face.

I *said*, “It’s an emotional issue, for sure,” and sat down. 10 million points to me.

The ambulance you refer to was a bit fishy. I think they organised one rather than it being genuine. Apparently it didn't go where they said it needed to go, and the police kept pushing for the rebels to move back more than they needed to. Sounds like an excuse to me.

not pictured: the hummingbird feeder that this little dork watches for about two hours a day

1969 was a landmark year:

1. Moon Landing
2. Woodstock
3. Manson Murders
4. Stonewall Riots
5. Bryan Adams had a pretty good summer

Inaction is no longer an option! Taking part in non violent civil disobedience with @ExtinctionR is our right + our duty. We're taking action because this government is taking none. We're done being lied to. We're done being ignored! #climatecrisis #nomoretime #changeiscoming

@GreenandBlack the cops block the bridge really (see picture).

If an emergency vehicule, wanted to go through, the people would have voted and likely let it go.

On the 31, we had the same dilema.
People voted to let the ambulance through, so it did.
The cops did use the event to reclaim a lane of the road we were occupying.
I doubt the emergency was real then.

#xr mobilisation was really easy. If you're on the fence about joining, go ahead! Thousands are here, rising together.

The Soviets did a remarkable job of replicating all aspects of Shuttle engineering and construction, including the massive schedule slippages and cost overruns.

So Extinction Rebellion exceeded expectations with their amazing coordinated shutdown of 5 of the Center of London's main bridges.

The main criticism of this seems to be the standard line of "But what if they block the emergency vehicles?!? They're a threat to public safety!"

It's important to get infront of this with a response, lest the media fuck it over like they did with Occupy.

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