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Hey, gang!
Check out my interview that just dropped on the Primo Nutmeg Show! It's... well, PRIMO!

Setting aside my personal opinions about Matt Bruenig's Twitter presence - his 2 page Means of Deduction feature is neatly packaged. In this issue he talks about how to target childcare policies for new parents, and diverting corporate profits to a reimbursement plan for regular people that would lift an extraordinary number of households out of poverty.

It's a very clean simple expression of big(ish) ideas, I like the feature already. Includes a state by state map for the reimbursement policy

Finally (for now) Richard Seymour's scathing review of Phillip Ther's "Europe since 1989: a history" is delightful. The downside is that if you don't know anything about neoliberalism in Europe and the EU, you'll be looking stuff up on Wikipedia - but it's well worth it. Seymour absolutely demolishes a book that quite clearly seems to be tripe.

"a book about neoliberalism in Europe written by someone who doesn't know what neoliberalism is, and hasn't really paid much attention to Europe."

tl,dr - US Pol 

Do most of Liz Warren's domestic/economic policies have the potential to make life "better" for the American labor class? Sure.

But by that same token, the question remains - how much better?

Are *you* personally in a position where a cap on out of pocket medicine expenses of $500 is going to help? I won't deny it'll help some people - but it's a band-aid, not a solution.

And that sums up Liz Warren as a presidential candidate. A band-aid, not a solution.

And for those of you who are into the whole cross-pollination of online communities - I put together a short thread about the discrepancy between US and European reaction too the Pig Empire's ongoing quest to manufacture a war with Iran, on Facebook:

**Bigots in Blue: Philadelphia Police Department is a Home For Hate**

"The recent protest outside Philadelphia’s Police headquarters – triggered by yet another instance of police racism – had an emphasis distinctively different from similar demonstrations during past decades against recurring police misconduct in the city that preens as the Birthpla…"

#news #bot

This is the problem with backing a "left wing politician" who is dedicated to "saving capitalism:

Well, isn't this precious.

Trash-mouthed, shit-slinging, gay-bashing racist scum are demanding their FrEe SpEeCh back.

Freedom Plaza, Washington DC, July 6, Noon.
Bring milkshakes. LOTS of 'em.

Facebook "You have 21 Inbox notifications"

Me "I have an inbox? Why? Can't they just f*cking post in the comments?"

Did I just lose 4 hours of my life trying to fix a computer problem that was actually a Firefox update, pretty much entirely because I refused to shut down?

No, never...

Walmart Sued For Collecting Life Insurance on Employees

**Time to Break Up the 21st Century Tech Trusts**

"On June 11th, the House Judiciary Committee launched an investigation into the market dominance of the four leading “big-tech” companies — Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon. Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), who oversees the subcommittee hearing, proclaimed, “these are monopolies,” warning that they dominate the digital ma…"

#news #bot

Hello my friends; I am just about to eat lunch before I settle down into some Tooting (I can't resist) but in the meantime I have a "not as brief as I'd like" update about why I closed my main Twitter account & how I'll be approaching social media going forward:

Thanks and be back soon.

- nina


Related: look what just showed up this morning *just* when I needed to touch up a piece & needed company!


Evelyn is exhibiting a cautious optimism toward the melodica

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