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"Kick Me Hard"

Right about now, I'm sure most of you are laughing yourselves silly at all the Progressives out there who voted for Biden under the delusion that they could "push him left", when anybody with two brain cells to rub together could take a look at his record over the past 40 years...

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"MABA (Make America Brunch Again)"

It's clueless queefage like this from rich Hollywood knobs like Mark Hamill which illustrates the attitude of the French aristocracy & bourgeoisie just before the head-chopping started.

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"Feet To The Fire"

This one's going out to all the Leftie media "Blue Checks" in Birdland who spent the better part of the last four years ripping the mask off the Democratic Party, blowing the Russiagate grift wide open — and then chickening out at the last minute and going with Joe Biden because... harm reduction?

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Hey, gang!
Check out my interview that just dropped on the Primo Nutmeg Show! It's... well, PRIMO!

BINGO! China's Chang'e 5 spacecraft lands on the moon; accelerated replay of final approach, pitchover and touchdown:

"A new BBC podcast, 'Mayday,' uses smears, gaping omissions, leaps of logic, and factual errors in a desperate attempt to repair the image of late White Helmets founder James Le Mesurier, and discredit the OPCW inspectors who challenged a cover-up..."

How Israel deployed a campaign of intelligence deceptions to paint Mohsen Fakhrizadeh as a nuclear mastermind and justify his assassination.

@GarethPorter lifts the mask on the Mossad’s dirty information war:

NO SHIT, SHERLOCK: A ‘coup’ was not in the cards for Trump, after all - via Al Jazeera

AND NOTHING OF VALUE WAS LOST: Pro-US regime-change tool Joshua Wong nailed'n'jailed - via Al Jazeera

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