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"A Frightening Situation"

...If this were a foto of a similar scene in Gaza, of Palestinian women getting ready to resist the terrorism of the IDF and Israeli colonists, do you honestly think Reuters — and MSNBC, CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, all the usual suspects — would run some noble, heart-wrenching piece on ordinary women rushing to the defense of their country against invaders?

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"Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead!"

She said that the deaths of half a million Iraqis — at least half of them children — from US economic warfare was "worth it".

She said in 2016 that there was "a special place in Hell" for voters who wouldn't support Hillary Clinton.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha haahhh, yeah. Special place in Hell? Suits me fine. I'll see ya' down there, BEYOTCH.

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Trying to migrate to another instance, but when I try to generate an alias, I get the "something went wrong on our end" error screen.

Several minutes later, returning to my Prefs, I see that an alias has been created, but Mastodon won't tell me what it is.

Anyone else seeing this?


Hey look it's someone using a pentium 1 and a DOS application for productive stuff in 2022



Before I worked in crypto, I thought that 99% of crypto was bullshit.

Now that I work in crypto, I know for fact that 99% of crypto is bullshit.

But that 1% is the future.


'Canada’s ban on Chelsea Manning upheld by Immigration and Refugee Board' | @TorontoStar

Since it seems to be a thing on here too...

I'm NAAN and I'm a Puerto Rican comic creator! #portfolioday Would be nice to work in illustrations, coloring or on short comics. Maybe even get representation!

🗃️ Portfolio:
📨 Contact: naan AT jadinerhinestudios DOT com
📖 Comic:

#creativetoots #mastoart

Give War a Chance: NATO and Neo-Nazis Want Ukraine Conflict to Go on Forever

"The war in Ukraine is entering a new phase. NATO leaders are meeting and are clearly worried that the Zelenskyy government might agree to a negotiated end to the war. Brian Becker and Dr. Gabriel Rockhill discuss the internal politics in Ukraine with a focus on the role of the far right, fascists and neo-Nazis."

- via Breakthrough News

"The war in Ukraine has led to a closing of the ranks in the West, with media and politicians in lockstep united against Russia, and some self-described leftists have joined in. As with many recent conflicts the left has been riven by divisions over what is the correct position to take, with 'Putinism' replacing 'Assadism' as the new term used to excommunicate opponents of NATO and American intervention."

Ukraine to Syria: How Imperialism & Sabotage Divided the Western Left for 100 years, with Ben Norton - via Breakthrough News

Russia denounces Pentagon's control of laboratories on Russian-Chinese borders - via TeleSur

"On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian expressed his "strong opposition" to the U.S. decision to evacuate non-essential personnel from its consulate in Shanghai, a city in which authorities have tightened actions to control the pandemic."

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LIVE UPDATES: US Cannot Confirm Use of Chemical Agents in Mariupol*, Senior Defense Official Says - via Sputnik Internatl

*but they're gonna lie their ever-lovin' asses off about it anyway.

Got hit by a truck and isekai’d into the untitled goose game

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