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"By working more directly with AP and Reuters, who also partner with Facebook on fact checks, Twitter says it will be able to increase the speed and scale to which it’s able to add this additional information to tweets..." Oh, hot damn diggety.

#2497 Logic Gates 

In C, the multiocular O represents the bitwise norxondor gorgonax.

Give Us This Day
Our Daily Dead:
Starlight Theater,
Kansas City, MO 08.02.1982

(soundboard/aud "matrix" mix, streaming only)

Beloved of ‘Russia-watchers’, the now discredited book ‘Putin’s People’ exposes everything wrong with Western reporting on Moscow — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Cuba Thanks Venezuela For 30 Shipping Containers of Food, 20 Tons of Rice; Jamaica Sends 200kg Batch of Syringes, Needles, Masks, Disinfectants via TeleSur

FROM OUR "NO SHIT, SHERLOCK" DEPARTMENT: Pro-Trump Social Network GETTR Reportedly 'Exploited by Extremists’, Awash With Decapitation Videos: via Sputnik Internatl

GOP Re-Recycles Dems' Recycled Steve Bannon Bullshit that Claims COVID-19 Leaked From China Lab, Cites 'Unusual' Safety Overhaul Bids at Wuhan Lab: via Sputnik Internatl

US, UK accuse Taliban of ‘war crimes’ in south Afghan town via Al Jazeera

12:59 on Sunday August 1st, over the North Atlantic Ocean

Lollapalooza 2021: A superspreader event, thanks to Illinois Democrats via World Socialist Site

"Leave the rest to me"
is the new "hold my beer".

"Ten days before his supporters stormed the Capitol, the US president told the acting attorney general to 'leave the rest to me' in terms of overturning the November 3 vote." via World Socialist Web Site

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