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"Visible From Orbit"
Mayor Bowser doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about the MPD terrorizing and murdering Black citizens of DC, or about protesters being tear-gassed and run off the street so Trump can do his foto op at St. John’s Church — she just wanted to own Trump and nab some TV time.

All DeBlasio did in NYC was put up some crummy street signs; Bowser's hypocrisy is visible from orbit.

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Hey, gang!
Check out my interview that just dropped on the Primo Nutmeg Show! It's... well, PRIMO!

At a celebration today marking Venezuela's 209th anniversary of independence from Spanish colonialism, real President Maduro declared, "Venezuela will never be a colony again, not of the US empire nor of any European empire. We are on our feet, fighting"

survey monkey dot com isn't what I thought it was, u just survey normal humans. I am in need of monkey opinions

i'm native american

my people have lived on this continent for literally thousands of years

but the US is not my country


July 3, 2020 is the 32nd anniversary of the US Navy shootdown of Iran Air Flight 655, which killed all 290 civilians aboard (including 66 children). See this thread for the discrepancies between what the USG told the public and what the Pentagon's 53-page report said.

RT @MaxBlumenthal
Bolton claimed Maduro accused him of trying to kill him because he was "troubled" by a humanitarian aid stunt he masterminded.

But Maduro clearly stated in our interview, "I have proof the [August 2018] assassination attempt was ordered by John Bolton"

This is basically a soft form of censorship by Google-owned YouTube

Channels that criticize US imperialism, Western wars, Israeli colonialism, etc are demonetized, which not only discourages political content, it also *hurts these videos in the algorithm*

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(Please RT). YouTube has demonetized my channel. I find it interesting that the week I upload scathing critiques of Israel's annexation plan and their continued…

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In summary, @ap article full of unverified allegations that got strung together to serve up the sensational headline that China is harvesting prisoners’ hair for export to US. All this just happened to serve US agenda of waging Cold War 2.0 on China.

Like always, this corporate media propaganda on China's Xinjiang region (which the USA, European powers, and Turkey really want to try to break off and colonize) and the Uyghur population rely on the US government, US govt-funded outlets, and anti-China activists as their sources
RT @CarlZha
The @ap story on hair weaves supposedly from Xinjiang prison camp detainees such mess that I had to read it several times to establish the…


Line of soldiers approached from the other direction, has moved fwd towards demonstrators.

More officers headed this way, Nat Guard visibly preparing for use of chemical agents

We are near the small town of Keystone, South Dakota in the Black Hills



Officers have pushed their way past the white vans that are blockading the road.

we are



Indigenous protesters have blocked the road leading to tonight’s Trump event at so-called Mount Rushmore (a sacred Lakota site in the Black Hills)


Anybody else here following the "unofficial" NASA account? They've gone from dust storms on Mars to spamming Top Ten lists of mountain bikes and corned beef subs. I've just unfollowed and reported it.

When fake "leftist," pro-imperialist The Guardian columnist George Monbiot viciously smears anti-imperialist leftists as "Stalinists" and "Assadists," or when he attacks Venezuela, never forget that he just admitted he comes from the same super-elite circle as Ghislaine Maxwell.

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