I left birdsite a year ago because it's moderation is terrible and drives away queer folk, women, people of color, etc. I honestly have no clue if the fediverse is better or if those problems here are just less talked-about.

Can someone recommend a queer-friendly instance led by women of color?

@benj_red Wow, sounds like a long shot.

On the upside, there's no Nazis, Brockbots, spammers or Jack Dorsey here, and we chased off a shithead D-List celebrity a few weeks or so ago.

@flugennock @benj_red The Nazis are on the Fediverse (their instances are often blocked though, but they can always stand up a new instance and evade blocks), and I've seen a few spammers tbh


@bhtooefr @benj_red So far, I've reported a grand total of one (1) spammer on here.


You should see all the spam follows I get in Birdland. I posted a joke about Bitcoin and blockchain and got half a dozen spam follows from Bitcoin hucksters about half an hour later.

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@flugennock @benj_red Yeah, it's a lot better for that right now, although part of that I think is just a lack of popularity, I'm not aware of any specific anti-spam measures

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